There’s no denying it – this is a weird time we are in and the covid-19 pandemic has rocked our world in ways we just didn’t predict. I never thought I’d see the day where I wasn’t allowed to leave the house – but here we are! Work has slowed down across the globe, and of course that has had an impact on those of us that are self employed.

It doesn’t mean you should just spend all your time sitting back watching Netflix or having catch-ups on Zoom. There are lots of things that you can, and should, be doing to improve your blog and set yourself up for success when we get back to normal.

5 Blog Activities For During Lockdown

1. Check Your Social Media

At one time or another most of of have signed up to most of the social media platforms. Have a little audit of the platforms you have and consider your usage. Is it bringing your traffic? Adding value to your brand in some way? Do you need it or could it be deleted? What could you do to improve it?

Answering those questions for each platform will give you a clear direction for your social media going forward.

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2. Assess Your Blog Theme

First impressions are really important, and if I reader doesn’t like the look of your site at first glance then it’s likely they’ll click away. Look at your site with fresh eyes and consider it fro a strangers point of view. Is it easy to navigate? Is it clear to read? Poor colour choices and fonts can make it difficult to read – if it hurts your eyes then try something. There are lots of options for free fonts available so you can find one that suits your branding perfectly.

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3. Create Pins

Pinterest is by far the best when it comes to referral’s on my blog – and I’m a strong believer that everyone else has the potential to have the same success. Regular content is really important on Pinterest, so using quiet periods to create a bank of pin images is a great way to utilise your time. These can then be added to Pinterest periodically to keep momentum going on popular posts, and start gaining traffic on new posts.

4. Revisit Old Posts

It took me a while to realise that my site is full of useful information that was written in my early days when I didn’t know anything about SEO, so it’s just not being see. Use your sitemap to generate a list of all your posts and go through to find ones that could use some TLC. Google Search Console can tell you which posts already have some potential, so start with those posts first. Go over them and add images, additional content, internal links, meta descriptions…….. everything you missed the first time around! Re-share on your social media, create new pins and wait for the traffic to start rolling in.

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5. Write A Content Plan

You don’t have to do every all at once, but write a plan for all your content for the next month, 6 months or even year. Think of all the topics your readers would like you to cover, rough draft the titles and headings. Having it all written down takes the stress off when you’ve got writers block in the future. Even if you don’t know when you will post a topic, having a bank of well thought through ideas can be a lifesaver.

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