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For me, breastfeeding was never really a question. It was something I just always assumed I would do. It never occurred to me to buy bottles or formula to have in the cupboard just in case. I was going to breastfeed, simple as that.

As I explained in my feeding journey, it didn’t go to plan. Not even close. But why did I persevere? If I’m honest, the easiest option for me would have been to let Piglet continue with the bottle. He didn’t want to breast feed, so why push it?

I could harp on at your about the health benefits to both mum and baby for breastfeeding, but we all know them. So why bother right?

I have some purely selfish reasons for breastfeeding though. Reasons that have nothing to do with health, or Piglet:

  1. Weight loss – breastfeeding can burn 500-800 calories per day. I could not bother to work out and still have dropped any baby weight pretty sharpish. Unfortunately it won’t tone you up though. Damn.
  2. Cakes galore – hand in hand with the weight loss, if you’re burning calories you might want to be replacing them. Personally I don’t want to lose any weight so I’ve been enjoying not having to watch what I eat. If I’m going to have a Piglet sized parasite for a year or so I might swell reap the cake-y benefits.
  3. Instant comfort – if in doubt, breastfeed. When Piglet is having a rage at life, a breastfeed always comforts and settles him regardless of what the issue actually was. It makes my life 10x easier – although not so easy for his father when I’m not home!
  4. Ease – I can’t forget my boobs when I leave the house. Its just not possible. I don’t have to faff about with bottles and formula and all that jazz. Just grab the baby, some nappies and hit the road! (ok and maybe my keys, purse, phone….. but you get the picture). And the middle of the night – no mucking about. Just up feed and back to bed. No pratting around with boiling water and sterilising. More sleep for me – hooray!
  5. Flexibility – I can change plans with no (feeding related) repercussions. If we decide to stay somewhere later than we originally thought then no problem, got the milk on tap. No fuss!

Am I a horrible person who will rot in hell for being selfish? Possibly. But do I care? No. Piglet is happy and I am happy – there are no losers!

Why I Chose to Breastfeed

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