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Ideas To Make Home Schooling More Bearable

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The majority of parents have not trained as teachers or even teaching assistants, and yet, most are now having to homeschool their children due to the pandemic. We’re all forced to stay home, and the last thing we want is for our kids to fall behind. Here, we’re going to take a look at a few ideas that could help you to make homeschooling more bearable. Most parents are struggling right now, so read on if you could use a hand. 

Ideas To Help You Survive Home School

Pick A Designated Space For Home Learning

Start by picking a designated space for your home learning. Doing it in your child’s bedroom or a room where you all watch TV together could distract your child and stop them from getting into the right mindset. Try picking somewhere like the kitchen table, where they can stay focused on their work for a little while. To keep kids interested you may need to change locations throughout the day, but remember that getting them into the right mindset is key.

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Make Playing Educational

You can easily make play educational, for example, by helping your kids to set up their own restaurant or shop. This can help them to learn skills like maths, money, and even things like noticing use-by dates on food, cooking, and more. These skills are still important, and they will barely know they are learning at all as they’ll be having fun!

You could use a toy like a Quizzie to add a bit of fun to your learning. Ask your child to create some questions on their project topic with yes or no answers, and then use Quizzie to test you on it. If you get the answer wrong Quizzie will squirt you with water. There is nothing quite like the thought of soaking your parents to motivate kids!

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Prioritise Play And Unstructured Time

Play can help children to process what is going on right now, as well as allow them to rekindle their imaginations. Make sure you prioritise play and unstructured time so they can do what they feel like doing. Making sure your kids have things to use can help, so see if you can purchase the super wings transform a bots 4 pack at alphatoys.com as well as anything else they might like, and consider investing in arts and crafts items, too.

Encourage Them To Do More Of What They Enjoy

Schools apply the same method of learning to each and every child, and this doesn’t work for many kids. Sometimes, letting kids do a lot of what they enjoy can help. Whether it’s reading, writing poems, building rockets, or painting, let them do more of it.

Encourage Virtual Playdates

It’s still important for kids to socialize so arrange virtual playdates with their friends. They can catch up, and perhaps even just relax quietly together while they play a computer game.

Stay Active

Don’t forget how important it is for you all to stay active. Take a break in the middle of the day by going out for a walk and enjoying nature. This too can be an opportunity for learning.

A child standing on a tree stump. He is dressed in blue waterproof and a hat and is looking down as if he is about to jump.
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Limit Screen Time

There are many online learning resources that can be hugely helpful for parents trying to homeschool their kids, but make sure you keep screen time to a minimum. There will be days you let the computer do all of the work for you, but days without technology are important, too.

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20 thoughts on “Ideas To Make Home Schooling More Bearable”

  1. Anthony Harrington

    We make it fun by incorporating random small break activities, I have a list of things to do all numbered, they pick a number and then do the activity. Sing, dance, star jumps etc.

  2. Just trying to make it not too stressful. To make the most of spending time as a family while trying to work through the work

  3. We are very lucky that Daisy’s school posts ideas and challenges on their facebook page. Things like how many times can you toss a pancake in a minute or how many times a minute can you jump over a piece of rope on the floor. They ask the children to film themselves doing the challenges and then post them (with permission of course) on their facebook page. Daisy loves it because she can see what her friends have been doing.

  4. I tend to go with the spirit of the lesson, rather than strictly follow it to the letter. Means less arguing, as I can make it interesting for him!

  5. I was trying to do most of it in the mornings as that is when my daughter is at her best and then we would do something she really wanted to do in the afternoons like go for a walk or play a game.

  6. We had a No School Friday where we encouraged the children to work hard all week and had a day off on Friday, although we still did educational activities on the Friday too, they were just more fun, nature walks, playing games and baking.

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