Life with type 1 diabetes is a little different from most. Living with any disease or long term medical condition can be tough. It affects your parenting, your children and often your outlook. This is a heartfelt post sharing the differences in our house and what it meas for me and piglet

In our house….. blood is shed daily.

In our house….. the medicine that keeps you alive also has the power to kill you.

In our house….. we count carbs, not calories.

In our house….. meals cannot be shared.

In our house….. juice can save a life.

In our house….. haribo is a medicine, not a treat.

In our house….. needles are the norm.

In our house….. we analyse every meal.

In our house….. being “high” is common.

In our house….. electrical devices are a life support, not a luxury.

In our house….. Piglet regularly has to wait, because Mummy’s needs come first.

Having type 1 diabetes changes the way our household is run. Piglet is going to have to learn some hard lessons really early on in life.

He will learn what to do if Mummy is unwell. He will see me inject myself over and over again. He will be told he cannot eat the food off of my plate, that he cannot share my juice or sweets as they are medicine.

But he will also see that just because I have diabetes nothing will stand in my way. He will see me deal with each issue as it arises and then move on with my day. He will see me struggle, but he will also see me get back up and try again.

In our house….. we make the best of every situation.


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