In the last 3 months I have seen a huge change in the traffic coming from Pinterest. It has taken a bit of time, and a little while for me to work it all out, but it works. On an average day 15%-25% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, and it only requires about 5 minutes of work a day.

The best bit of it all is how easy it is to do – once you know how! If you follow the steps below you can increase your own Pinterest traffic in no time at all. It’s easy when you know how!

How I Increased My Pinterest Reach By 644% In Just 3 Months | Getting traffic to your website from Pinterest can seem impossible, but I have a way to improve your reach in 4 simple steps!

When I first started blogging I didn’t really bother with Pinterest. I focused on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. What I didn’t realise was how much traffic I was losing out on. Even when I started using it, I wasn’t doing it “properly”.

Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it is essentially a search engine. People use it to search for things. Recipes, advice, how-to’s or inspiration. What makes it stand out from any other search engine though, is the ability to save and organise the pins you like to make them easy to find later.

For me – I don’t tend to show up in a Google search, but if you search for one of my post topics on Pinterest then my posts appear. Simple as that!

1. Create Pinnable Images

In Pinterest you only want vertical images, the longer the better. I use Canva to create my images. I have a template which I just to need to edit for each post. It takes me 5 minutes to do and has made a huge difference.

You want images that convey what the post is about. They should contain the blog title as a minimum, and I choose to include the blog URL too. An attractive picture really helps! I don’t always have the “perfect” image, or have the ability to take one, and thats when I use a stock image library to choose one. Places like Pixabay allow you to use their images for free which is awesome.

How I Increased My Pinterest Reach By 644% In Just 3 Months | Pinnable Image Examples

Once you’ve created your pinnable image you need to place it into your blog post. I choose to have it after the opening paragraphs, others have it at the end. It is even possible to hide the image if you prefer. It is entirely personal preference as to where it fits best, and will depend on your writing style and blog theme.

Once you have found the sweet spot to place the image you should add alt text. This is really important, as it acts as your pin description if others pin the image directly from your website. This is where you want to fit in as many keywords as you can – don’t just put the blog title! I also add the URL at the end.

2. Organise Your Pinterest Boards

Most successful Pinterest users have quite a lot of boards. Work out what boards you think you will need and add them – you can always add more later. One board you should definitely have is a blog board. It is your first port of call for all pins relating to your blog.

Make sure all of your boards have descriptions, again with keywords. You don’t just want to dump them in, make sure the description flows and make sense. When people search on Pinterest it looks at both the pins and the board description – so keeping them up to date is important!

Group boards are a good way of having your pins seen by others. I often find the big group boards are actually too big, and that it’s easy for a pin to get lost. I am in a couple of boards which are relevant to my niche. One of them I started myself, and another was started by another new-ish blogger.

Before requesting to join a group board check out the rules or requirements – they’re often in the board description. It is usually a 1 for 1 system, so for every pin you add you need to re-pin one of someone else’s. It can be quite hard to police though so make sure you know what you are signing up for.

A good way to find possible group boards is to look on Facebook groups – like this one.

3. Pin To A Schedule

Of all the things I have done – pinning to a schedule has made a huge difference. Pinterest relies on you to be present regularly. I now pin around 15 times a day – and that is small fry compared to many! I don’t manually pin each one though at regular intervals. That would be ridiculously time consuming!

Tailwind is my favourite of all the platforms I use to schedule. I didn’t bat and eye at the price per month ($9.99) as it is worth every penny. Tailwind allows me to schedule pins for whatever time and date I want. It can create a schedule for you, based on the optimum time for your pins.

Pinterest is far more popular in the USA, and so most of my pinning is done between midnight and 4am, as Tailwind has found that to be the best time for me. It is slightly different for everyone, but Tailwind does the hard work for you.

Once you’ve got both Tailwind and your Pinterest boards set up, you can start actually pinning! This is where I apply the rule of three. For each post I take a look at my Pinterest boards and decide which ones are relevant to the post. I then pin the image directly from my site to my OddHogg board.

From the board I then use Tailwind to schedule it to re-pin to each of the other relevant boards at a 3 day interval. Pinterest doesn’t like you pinning the same image lots of times all at once – it finds it spammy….. and it kind of it. Spreading them out at 3 day intervals seems to do the trick. You can do this with just a couple of clicks with Tailwind.

After I’ve got the 3 day schedule set up, I then look at setting it up to re-pin again in 3 months time. This brings my old pins back to the forefront again.

If you simply pin your own posts all the time you won’t find a large amount of traffic. As with any platform for promoting your blog, it is important to pin lots from other places too. I find roughly 80% others to 20% your own seems to work.

4. Tailwind Tribes

My favourite place to find new content to pin is in Tailwind Tribes. I am in 4 tribes and, although there is some cross over in members, I find lots of great things to pin.

At first I wasn’t too selective about my pins, but I’ve since discovered that by picking out pins that are already popular I have far more success. These pins draw people attention to my boards, and hence they are more likely to see my own pins.

In the top right hand corner of each pin in Tailwind tribes there is a number, which is the number of re-pins. I try to select pins with a re-pin value of 500 or more, as it shows it is content that others are definitely keen to see. I don’t do that exclusively though, if something looks relevant to a board of mine and is an attractive pin I will often pin it too. It’s all about balance.

You currently need to be invited to a tribe, as it is in testing. But once you are in you are able to create your own tribe and utilise all the features. If you would like an invite to my tribe please leave a comment below.

If you are interested in using Tailwind, then use this link to sign up and get 1 month free!

The Results

So I’ve given you the info – but how do you know it actually works?

I started taking Pinterest seriously at the end of October. From the very first day I started to see results.

How I Increased My Pinterest Reach By 644% In Just 3 Months | October Pinterest

The average monthly views of my pins was 8,356, at the time I naively thought that was a lot.

By the end of January 2017 things had increased by 644%. I am having 53,881 views per month, and it continues to rise steadily

How I Increased My Pinterest Reach By 644% In Just 3 Months | January Pinterest Reach

The other day I updated an old post with a new pinnable image, and shared it to my tribes. I have just had 176 views in one day on that post that came exclusively from Pinterest. Those are views that I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

So do you think you’re up to it? Let me know if you try out these steps to increase your Pinterest traffic – I’d love to know if it works for you!

How To Increase Your Pinterest Reach | The best way to drive traffic to your website is through Pinterest. I am sharing how I do it in just 4 easy steps so that you can improve your reach too. Boost your page views overnight and make your website work for you

What Next?

Don’t have time to work on your Pinterest yourself? I can do it, and other blogging services, for you. Check out my Pinterest Management packages to see the services I offer, or email me at

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