I do believe in fairies – I do, I do, I DO!

We have been having a bit of a nightmare trying to replace the doors in our home (seriously – who suggested buying a doer-upper?!) so imagine the hilarity when an Irish Fairy Door landed on our door step. Clearly the fairies aren’t having the same trouble I am!

When I was growing up I genuinely believed that there were fairies at the bottom of my grandparents garden. It wasn’t something that was made a big deal of, but it was an accepted fact that the fairies were there. They moved house when I was around 7 or 8 and as far as I’m aware the fairies didn’t move with them – shame really.

I’m looking forward to having the same sort of magic with Piglet – and it all starts with a fairy door.

Irish Fair Door Review | Are you ready to open your home up to a fairy? We have installed an Irish fairy door, and have our own troll move in instead! A fun activity for preschoolers, a fairy door supports imaginary play https://oddhogg.com

The door comes with everything you could need to get set up for a fairy to take up residence. The box contains the door, some stepping stones, a key, a lease agreement, a notepad to write to the fairy and a book explaining how to welcome a fairy to your home.
Irish Fair Door Review | Boxed https://oddhogg.comIrish Fair Door Review | Un-Boxed https://oddhogg.com

I got our door all set up, and we left out the lease agreement and key just like the book instructed us to.

Irish Fair Door Review | Waiting For A Fairy https://oddhogg.com

Piglet showed an interest right away. Unfortunately (but not unsurprisingly for a 14 month old) his main focus was getting the stepping stones so he could put them in his mouth. Definitely not an object suitable for babies or toddlers!

Irish Fair Door Review | Piglet Playing With The Door https://oddhogg.com

Swapping Piglet out for one of my nephews was slightly more successful. Having become a recent trolls fan, he was adamant that it was a troll door and that a troll lived there. And you know what – I think that could be true!

Irish Fair Door Review | Listening For A Fairy https://oddhogg.com

We went online and registered the door, and now have a resident troll called Toby. He has been leaving little notes for my nephews to let them know he likes it when they come to play as he can hear them laughing. He’s a patient guy is Toby!

I can’t wait for Piglet to get a bit older and start to understand the door. I want to teach him that it’s the way into the fairy world. That the tooth fairy will come through there to collect his teeth, and that he can speak quietly to the door and leave notes.

The fairy doors are £19.95 and are available in an arch or rounded style, and in the following colours:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

There is also a range of accessories for your fairy, plus wall art to go next to your door to make it extra special. These vary in price from £3.95 to £8.95. Or, for £1.95, you can get a teeny tiny fairy plate to put your tooth on so the tooth fairy can visit and take it away!

Irish Fair Door Review | Touching The Door https://oddhogg.com

For older children, there is the addition of receiving emails giving you all sorts of fairy updates. Both Piglet and his cousins are a bit young for that at the moment, but it nice to have the option to go down that route in the future!

If you’re not lucky enough to win one then you can order one direct from the Irish Fairy Door Company or from amazon.

Please note: I was sent this fairy door for the purposes of a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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