The weather may not be showing it, but summer is here and with that often comes the need to update our wardrobes. Father’s Day seemed the perfect opportunity to treat JHogg, and Jacamo offered to send him some pieces to try out.

Summer T-Shirts

JHogg’s summer style seems to have taken on a bit of throwback to our teenage years. He is channeling his inner skater (but thank god he hasn’t gone to far as to actually get a skateboard!) and has taken a shine to some of his old favourite brands, such as Vans and DC. Luckily for him Jacamo has a huge range of t-shirts from all those old classics, plus lots of newer brands too.

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I selected 3 t-shirts, and although they’re meant to be for this summer I know he will get lots of use from them through autumn and winter too. Black and navy were selected because they go with everything, and one green t-shirt from DC gives the option of a splash of colour.

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For as long as I’ve known him JHogg has been a blue jeans of chinos kind of guy. It’s been his standard look for a long time – but what better time to shake things up than at the start of a new season. Summer for most people would mean pulling out the shorts, but we live in the North East of Scotland. Shorts are just not a necessity most of the time!

Getting him out of his comfort zone with some black Levi’s seemed like a great idea. Levi’s are always a great fit and a brand that we know and love. A simple pair of black straight leg jeans should really be a staple in any wardrobe and I don’t know why he didn’t try them before.

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The Verdict

Overall JHogg seems to really like the new clothes. He has been picking out the t-shirts regularly, and the green DC’s one appears to be his favourite. They are all comfortable and fit well. He’s been wearing the Levi’s as much as possible, both during the day and when going out for dinner or drinks with friends.

Here’s to a good summer – lets hope the sun comes out enough to justify ordering some shorts too!

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I was sent these items from Jacamo in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own.


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