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January Lockdown Style | AD

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve written about what I’m wearing, or written about anything at all. In the rush of Christmas, New Year and another lockdown here in the UK I didn’t have much time to just sit and write. We have now settled back in to the lockdown routine we created last summer, and I’m back to enjoying my comfy clothes.

One of the first things I need for days at home is a comfy t-shirts. When I’m playing with the kids, working from the sofa or trying to get some exercise done, I like to be comfortable. I love this lilac t-shirt. It is slightly cropped which isn’t usually my style, but with my high waisted jeans I can tuck it in and you wouldn’t even know. It is tight for a flattering fit, with a scoop v-neck at the front. Short sleeved and with ribbed material, it is a simple T for lazy days at home.

The torso of a  woman wearing a lilac t-shirt and light blue jeans. She has an insulin pump on her hip and her thumbs in her back pocket.
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Another staple for my days at home is joggers. I’m not one for being uncomfortable without good reason, and there’s just no way I’m going to spend my days in tight jeans when I’m not seeing anyone other than the delivery man (who we’re on very good terms with these days – we’ve seen a LOT of each other in the last year). I have always been a big fan of joggers around the house, and I think it may reach a point where I have more joggers than anything else.

The torso of a woman in grey joggers, a lilac t-shirt and a denim jacket.  She has one hand on her hip, pulling the jacket to the side
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As much as I love bright colours, I prefer grey joggers. They go with just about everything else in my wardrobe, so there is no fear of the kids judging me for my clothing choices. I always like super soft joggers, and these ones go nicely with my lilac t-shirt and a loose denim jacket for when I have to nip outside – mostly to do exciting things like take the bins out or raid the freezer in the garage.

A woman wearing a floral print dress and a cropped black denim jacket
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Like all of us though, I am living in hope that better times are coming. I’ve added a cropped denim jacket to my wardrobe, which I love. I have worn it over a loose floral dress for a Zoom call with the girls, giving me the feel of getting dressed up for a night out. It is a lightweight soft material, none of the stiffness of denim from the 90’s, which leaves me plenty range of movement. I can see it being a staple come the spring when I want to play outside with the kids more.

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