July – what a month it’s been!

  • We started the month off by submitting our building warrant application for the change to the downstairs layout of the house. Unfortunately it got returned with some queries but we’re hoping we’ll have our approval through soon!
  • We booked a trip for the end of September with the whole family. What could possibly go wrong when you’re travelling with 8 adults and 6 kids (5 of which are 4 and under!)
  • Piglet had his 2nd set of vaccinations. He took them like a champ and slept for the 2 days following it.
  • JHogg made a start on the tiling in our new bathroom. Its slow going as he only has evening and weekends…… and a whole host of other DIY around the house to do!

    July Round Up Bathroom

    For someone who had never tiled before I think he’s doing an awesome job!

  • I started this blog! I was looking for something to do with my time and I thought this would be a great way to document our time with Piglet
  • We began early weaning with Piglet and he has been loving it! He is eating far more than I expected him to at this stage and loving it! Except for avocado and parsnip – they’re going to take a bit more work.
  • Piglet rolled over for the first time. He’s only done it once since, so I’m not really sure if it was intentional or an accident!
  • We had a night away at Maryculter House Hotel for a belated anniversary treat. It was lovely to get away for a bit child free and spend some time alone as a couple. It also meant I could have my first proper drink since I found out I was pregnant – and it was fabulous!
  • We are ending the month with a wedding reception for our friends this evening

Lets see what August has in store!

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