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Jump In Trampoline Parks Review | AD

A few years ago if you had said that the kids were going to play on trampolines I would have assumed it was one in the back garden, or at best the ones you always used to get down the beach in holiday resorts. Never would I have pictured a trampoline park. In the years between being a kid myself and having children of my own family activities have really upped their game, and now Piglet is getting that bit older we are getting to explore them all together.

Jump In Aberdeen is one of 9 parks up and down the country where you can get out of the heat in an air conditioned arena (or hide from the rain as is more likely in Scotland!) and jump around to your hearts content. Will facilities suitable from toddlers up to adults it is designed as a space the whole family can enjoy. I was invited along to check it all out and see what we made of it. Since JJ isn’t walking yet I opted to leave him at home, but my sister and her 3 kids came along to keep us company. I was curious as to how they would entertain kids ranging in age from 1 to 6, plus 2 adults, and we were all looking forward to giving it a try.

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On Arrival

My number 1 top tip is to book your session in advance. There is a £2 walk in charge and you’ll feel pretty silly paying it when you could have done it online before you came. You then also sign the waiver online, which is a requirement before you jump.

Once you arrive you collect your socks if it’s your first time. The socks are reusable so keep a hold of them! It saves you buying new every time. There are lockers to pop your shoes and valuables in. The only downside of these is that they are quite small so if, like me, you have a decent sized changing bag with you then it won’t fit. We popped our shoes and valuables in the lockers though, and just left our bags by a table on the assumption that no one would be interested in stealing our water bottles or baby wipes.

You then head on through for a safety briefing. These run twice an hour and run through the rules. There aren’t many and as far as safety briefings go it was fairly, well, brief! To the point but portrayed in a fun way it was soon over.Before you leave the briefing room you have your height checked to see which of the equipment you can go on. And then it’s time to jump.

Jump In For Toddlers

Under 5’s Area

Our first port of call was the under 5’s area. Three of the children we were with were under 5 and I wanted to know what there was for them. A separate section was available for little ones, with trampolines and a few soft extras for them to play with. It was essentially a scaled down version of the main body of the park and they were quite happy jumping around for a while. There is also a soft play area for them to crawl around it and have some fun, however this is for all children up to the age of 12.

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Toddler Time

If you don’t think you little one would be content with just a small section, then you can attend during Toddler Time. This is when toddlers can have free run of the trampoline park (excluding the height restricted areas). During term time this runs from 10am-2pm daily, and during the summer holidays it is from 10am – 11am daily.

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However, you should note that Toddler Time is NOT an exclusive session, and that anyone can attend at that time. This is helpful if you have older children and want to jump together, but we also found that there were others there with no one younger than the age of around 10. Under 5s need supervised at all time regardless, but just be aware that there may be other children around who are not of the same age. That said – the children were all very nice and courteous towards the littler ones, even including them in a game they were playing in the soft play area.

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Jump In For Bigger Kids


The large majority of the rest of the trampoline park can be used by any one over the age of 5. There is a large area with lots of trampolines for you to jump around on, netting walls for you to bounce off of and low ledges for you to launch from. Aside from having to remind the boys to only have 1 person per trampoline this bit was fab and they loved playing in there.

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Foam Pit

A big foam pit was not far away, and above it some climbing equipment. A rope ladder that twists around a beam for you to have gladiator style battles on. My eldest managed a go on the rope ladder, but the other equipment was very popular and the rest of us didn’t have the patience to wait for a turn. We only had an hour and we wanted to make the most of it! I would have loved to have seen more in the way of foam pits, perhaps an area for jumping off the trampolines in to one would have been great.

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Air Bag

The airbag is one of the height restricted areas. My 6 year old nephew was juuuuust tall enough to get signed off to go on it. He is on the taller end for his age so not all 6 year olds can expect to be tall enough, but even then reaching the height requirements doesn’t guarantee you a turn. The air bag is pretty much what it sounds like, a giant air bag on the ground. There are 2 ledges to jump off of to land on it, but the rules are that if you can’t get up on to the ledge yourself then you cannot jump. There is to be no help to get up on to them, and they are pretty firm on that.

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My sister and I bounced our way up to the top (with a little trepidation from me – I don’t like heights) with very little difficulty, while L scrambled up to the lower one. Once up there the air bag suddenly looks a lot more daunting than it does from the ground, but off we flew. The landing is bizarre but it’s a lot of fun, and if we didn’t have younger ones to keep an eye on I’m sure we would have done it over and over again.

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There is a section dedicated to dodgeball. We didn’t go in there as there were always others in and being with a wobbly 1 year old and a tentative 3 year old it just didn’t seem like a great idea. We could see balls and others jumping around having a great laugh though, so when they children are older I’m sure we would give it a go.

Jump In For Teens and Adults

Performance Trampolines

There are a number of performance trampolines at the back of the park for those who reach a certain height. Unfortunately we were unable to use them as there was a summer coaching session underway (which looked a load of fun!) .

Fitness Classes

There are trampoline fitness classes available for those who fancy something different (and who’s pelvic floor can stand it after having kids!). In Aberdeen they run twice a week for over 16’s, and at £8 a session I’m quite intrigued and may even give it a go myself.

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Food And Drink

There is an onsite cafe in Jump In trampoline parks for you to grab a drink or a bite to eat while the kids jump, or to refuel before going back for more. There are snacks such as pizza or hot dogs as well as a pick and mix if they’re looking for a sugar rush.

During the summer months there is a deal on Slush drinks – buy 3 and get the 4th free (valid throughout July and August 2019).

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Summer Passes

If you really want to make the most of your summer holidays then you can get a Jump In summer pass . They can be purchased between now and the 31st of August for £35 for five one-hour jump sessions or £60 for 10 one-hour jump sessions. You can purchase them online and you will be given a unique code to use when you are booking.

This is a paid review of Jump In Aberdeen. All words and opinions are my own.


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  1. We love Jump in! So much fun to be had.

    We had a fabulous one on our doorstep but there was a huge fire and it was completely destroyed, truly heartbreaking to see.

    But we are always up for travelling to our nearest in Warwick. Perfect rainy day activity x

  2. This looks brilliant! I love the foam pit. I think there’s a Jump In around Edinburgh too, but we always go to Gravity at it’s nearer our house.

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