Kettlebells is the first class I went to after Piglet was born. A new class happened to be starting around the corner from my house when he was 8 weeks old. The class is a drop in, no need to sign up for a block and you simply pay as you go. Perfect for a new mum!

12 weeks on I still feel the burn for a few days after a class. I struggle to bend, move or just walk. The kettlebell I am using is a 4kg which is the lightest available at the class, I thought that is where I’d stay for a long time. The instructor commented a few weeks ago that he was impressed by the depth of my squats. He claimed he’d seen a real improvement in my strength since I’d begun. I took the compliment, but mostly shrugged it off as him being nice and trying to encourage me to keep going. I had my doubts, I didn’t feel like I had made that much progress and I wasn’t sure kettlebells was for me.

Last week a new guy joined the class. He didn’t seem like a gym bunny, but he’s not the most unfit guy I’ve seen either. He took a 6kg kettlebell, fairly standard for the guys in the class. When we were only about 5-6 minutes into the class he was visibly struggling. It occurred to me that, although I was feeling my body working hard, I was coping. I was managing the exercises, even chosing the harder options at times. He swapped to a lighter kettlebell, but continued to struggle through the class.

I truly hadn’t realised how far I had come. I noticed that the activates where I am simply holding the kettlebells steady (squats or lunges predominately) that the 4kg doesn’t bother me. From next week I’m going to try a 6kg kettlebell. I’m not claiming I’ll be swinging it around my head or doing any of
the lifts with it, but I will try a few exercises and see how I cope with swapping between the two weights.

The 6kg kettlebellsThe kettlebells we use in the class are these ones. (I swear I don’t want to go up to a 6kg just because it’s pink!). I’m tempted to get a couple for working out at home, but I sometimes feel I don’t work out as well when there isn’t someone standing over me telling me to keep going!

Have you tried kettlebells? I’d love to hear how others are finding it.

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