We have stumbled across Little Baby Bum, a program with songs and nursery rhymes for children. It has been really annoying me recently! https://oddhogg.com/little-baby-bum

Little Baby Bum.

That is the title that greeted me on the Top Picks section of our Sky homepage the other day. I was confused as you probably are right now, but naturally I clicked on it to find out what it is!

It turns out it is a program targeted for little ones. It is various nursery rhymes and animations which, after only having it on for 5 minutes, Piglet is loving.

I wouldn’t mind, except the singing voices are really REALLY annoying and the lyrics are all slightly different to what I know. For some reason this really bothers me!

For starters, “The lion on the bus says See You Soon” is NOT an original lyric to The Wheels On The Bus. Why is there a lion on the bus?!?

There is also a variety of other songs which I had never heard – but now can’t get out out of my head. Once such song is the Potty Song. With lyrics such as “I poo in the potty and wash my hands” it is a real gem.

The cherry on the cake is that the singers are not exactly the best I’ve ever heard. I’m not claiming I have the voice of an angel….. but then I’m also not making a program which involves me singing! I know it’s not fair to judge others, but on top of an already awful program that just makes it unbearable!

Regardless – it’s been on our tv for the last 5 days. Wonderful.

I know its not out there to be enjoyed by the likes of me. The songs about colours and numbers are great for kids to learn in a fun way yada yada yada. Piglet likes to watch it and thats what matters.

By why the f$%k is it called Little Baby Bum?!?!

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