There is one thing I was not prepared for when I became a parent, and that is the mum guilt. I am with Piglet almost 24/7 and any time spent away from him leaves me feeling so guilty. I don’t think it has to be that way though, and I really think it is important to spend time looking after yourself.

Before having Piglet I used to have arcylic nails, and had them done every 2-3 weeks. My hair was highlighted and cut regularly. I had time to get my eye brows waxed and my eye lashes tinted. These days? I count myself lucky if I’ve wash my hair.

Making Time For Me | It's hard to find time to make yourself feel good with a toddler around. I have the perfect at home solution though

It is October, I last had my hair cut in May. The time before that was October last year. I have been rocking the mum bun and making do. I can just about get on board with the way my hair is, as really I have no other choice (or I could visit the hair dresser I guess!).

As for the rest of me? I get my mum to help me tint my brows and lashes, and only occasionally does it go horrifically wrong and leave me with black brows (not a good look with blonde hair). Tweezers seem to keep the brows in check, I am twitching to get my hands on a lamp for doing gel polish at home.

I have found I am much more comfortable spending a little time on myself at home when Piglet is asleep rather than jetting off to the salon. However, wholesalers like Ellisons provide salons with quality products. Good quality products make all the difference! Plus they have some great tips for #AWBeautyTrends

Of course, I do still think it is important to leave the house occasionally. I am off on a hen weekend on Friday and part of that includes a spa session, where I have booked a facial. Not point in doing it at home all the time 😉

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