Maryculter House Hotel is where JHogg and I got married in March last year. It is also where we had one of our first dates! Situated right on the River Dee, the hotel overlooks JHoggs golf course. It is a small hotel with only 22 rooms, and is extremely old. The rooms are all different shapes and sizes, the quirkiness adds to the hotels charm. It has many original features throughout and maintains a thoroughly Scottish feel which we love.

For our first anniversary Maryculter House invited us back for a complimentary stay. As Piglet was just a month old we opted to delay it until now, when we could leave him with his grandparents and enjoy a night away.

Originally we were going to be staying in the bridal suite again, however since it was mid-July there was a wedding on. That really didn’t matter to us! We were given a lovely suite at the corner of the hotel, nice and quiet and away from the noise of the wedding.

Maryculter House

The small sofa meant we could have a seat and look out over the River Dee and pretend we were more than just 10 minutes away from home!

Maryculter House

On arrival to our room we were greeted with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, which naturally we put to very good use!

Maryculter House champagne

We popped the cork and I ran a bath, as getting to relax with a little one around at home is quite difficult! I managed a few chapters in my book and generally de-stressed.

We had taken our wedding photo album and the guest book (which I have turned into a scrap book) with us. So we sat glugging our wine  and looked through them both. We had a good laugh at some of the guest book comments which were clearly written towards the end of the evening!

Before we went for dinner we had a walk outside and along the river. It was another warm evening and the midges were out in force as usual!

Maryculter House River Dee

Maryculter House Mushrooms

We walked along to where we had taken many of our wedding pictures. This archway features heavily in our album so it only seemed right to pop over and say hello! It has been around for centuries but is still standing strong (mostly).

Maryculter House ArchwayMaryculter House has two restaurants. We opted to have our dinner in the Poachers Pocket as it is in the bar and is a more relaxed dining experience. We have always had good meals there and that night was no exception.

Maryculter House Asparagus

When we received our steaks for main course we were a little concerned that we hadn’t been given steak knives. However when we cut into them they were so tender they sliced like butter. No sharp knife needed!

Maryculter House Steak

For the rest of the evening we sat in the bar (apart from the moment where I returned to the room to pump – classy mother that I am!). We talked and played cards and relished the childfree time.

The next morning we were up quite early and got our standard breakfast fry up. We were at my mums by 10:30 am to pick up a sleeping Piglet. As much as I enjoyed a quiet night – I was so happy to see my boy again!

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