Meal Plan Monday – 28th November 2016

Our meal plan this week was prepared while I am hungover and generally feeling a bit tender. I think that may be reflected in my food choices! I am all about the comfort food! Things get a little busy around the weekend so no need to meal plan for JHogg and I, but as usual I have continued to have a plan for Piglet.

Piglet is going through a phase of not wanting to be fed. He insists on feeding himself, which is driving me crazy as he can’t really do it. He ends up being hungry and crying but won’t let me feed him. I have tried to mix things up a bit this week for him to include more items that would be easier for him to pick up and eat himself so we will see if that helps!

Meal Plan Monday - 28th November 2016 | Are you looking for meal plan inspiration? This is what we will be eating this week as a family of 3. We have two menus, one for the adults and one for our weaning 9 month old.

The Adult’s Meal Plan

Monday: Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday: Sausage and Mash, Fried Onions and Gravy

Wednesday: Beef Casserole with Roasted Root Veg

Thursday: Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake

Friday: Pulled Pork, Sweet Potato and Sweetcorn

Saturday: I’m out with some friends, so JHogg will be winging it with whatever leftovers he can find.

Sunday: Dinner at The Hoggs

Piglet’s Meal Plan

Monday: Lunch – Fish Pie Dinner – Sweetcorn Fritters, Red Pepper and Carrot Sticks

Tuesday: Lunch -Mince & Tatties with Carrot & Swede Dinner – Pumpkin Pasta

Wednesday: Lunch Cauliflower and Broccolli in Cheese Sauce Dinner – Fish Pie

Thursday: Lunch – Sausage, Sweet Potato & Sweetcorn Dinner -Lentils & Mediteranean Veg with Rice

Friday: Lunch -Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Red Pepper Dinner – Pasta Bolognese

Saturday: Lunch – Ratatouille Dinner – Salmon and Broccolli

Sunday: Lunch – Sweetcorn Fritters, Brocolli and Cauliflower Dinner – Macaroni Cheese

If anyone has some good baby led weaning recipes I’d love to see them and get some inspiration. If you share the link in the comments I’ll be able to go and check them out 🙂

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    I downloaded an app called baby led weaning cookbook, which looks pretty good. Loads of lovely recipes! My son’s only in early stages of BLW at the moment but I plan to use this app more once he’s into it. I totally regret not doing BLW with my daughter. It takes forever for them to master a spoon (she’s just gone two and can only just feed herself now really). I wish I’d worried less about the mess and just let her eat everything with her fingers. It’s not for the faint hearted though! The mess gets everywhere!

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      Thank you – I’ll go and download it now! Piglet had to be weaned at 4 and a half months due to low weight gain on a doctors recommendation, so baby led weaning wasn’t an option at the time. We’re embracing it now though (or trying to – the mess makes me shudder) but I’m finding it harder to vary his food when he’s picking it up himself and he won’t touch certain things. Sneaky little guy!

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