Meal Plan Monday – 9th January 2017

New year – new meal plan! Over the festive period I didn’t do any meal planning and I hated it. Food shopping was a nightmare because I didn’t know what we’d need and when. Our diet definitely suffered for it as did our bank balance.

Part of me is keen for a fresh start and healthy eating, but another part of me is still craving carbs and all the bad food. Either way – I’ll be glad to have a plan in hand and know what is coming!

Piglet is eating more and more “normal” food now, so his meals are getting easier to plan too ūüôā

Meal Plan Monday - 9th January 2017 | Are you looking for meal plan inspiration? It can be tough to come up with meal ideas! This is what we will be eating this week as a family of 3. We have two menus, one for the adults and one for our weaning 10 month old.

The Adult’s Meal Plan

Monday: Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake

Tuesday:¬†Stand ‘n’ Stuff Tacos

Wednesday: Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Rice and Asparagus

Thursday: Pasta Meatballs with a Tomato and Mascapone Sauce

Friday: Chicken Kiev with New Potatoes and Salad

Saturday: Mince and Tatties

Sunday: Toad in the Hole

Piglet’s Meal Plan

Monday: Lunch – Sweetcorn Fritters and Broccoli ¬†Dinner¬†–¬†Pasta Bolognese

Tuesday: Lunch РPinwheel, Carrot Sticks and Berries Dinner РSalmon and Broccoli

Wednesday: Lunch РCrumpet, Cauliflower and Blueberries Dinner РMacaroni Cheese

Thursday:¬†Lunch – French Toast & Berries¬†Dinner –¬†Ratatouille

Friday:¬†Lunch – Pinwheel, Grapes and Soreen¬†Dinner –¬†Cauliflower Cheese

Saturday: Lunch – Sweetcorn Fritter, Grapes¬†Dinner –¬†Macaroni Cheese

Sunday: Lunch РSweet Potato Fritters, Broccoli & Cauliflower Dinner РCheese & Ham Omelette

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