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Hands up who’s been enjoying the sun!! We have been loving the recent weather and trying to get outside as much as possible. My garden isn’t great – it is shaded a lot and not in great condition as we’ve been prioritising the inside of the house. It means I suddenly find reasons to visit my mum or sister so I can soak up the sun at theirs, with the added benefit of having a couple of my nephews to play with!

They are still young and naive enough to think that I’m fun and I’m pretty keen to keep things that way! When I turned up the other day with a set of Mega Hi-Tower for us all to play in the garden they were really excited to get it out. I think my “fun” status is safe…… for now!

Mega Hi-Tower Review | We have been trying out a giant Jenga outdoor game. It was great fun for the whole family and everyone could take part

The first thing to note is the storage bag. Unsurprisingly for a game made up exclusively of giant wooden bricks, it weighs quite a lot. The bag is sturdy enough to take the weight of the blocks and make it easy to store and transport them.

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Storage Bag

Both boys were really excited to get stuck in. At 2 and 4 we knew they wouldn’t have the patience for playing a Jenga style game straight away, so we started off by getting the blocks and talking about what we could build with them. And yes – I am aware the littlest is wearing a wooly hat. He has been obsessed with it for about 6 months and always has it on. Thankfully we’re in the North East of Scotland where it doesn’t get overly hot!

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Getting it out of the bag

The bricks were actually smaller than I had anticipated, but this meant they are the perfect size for little hands to get a hold of. There are bigger sets available but this size did us just fine. The boys did a pretty good job of building up towers and knocking them down again. We didn’t build it up as high as it could go because they were far to eager to push it over!

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Tower Built

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Knocked Over

As is to be expected with two kids and a pile of bricks, the squabbles were starting over pushing it down. So we swiftly moved on to see what else they could use them for. They had the idea of making a little fort and set about building it.

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Building A Fort

Since my sister and I were keen on getting a turn we thought we would try to play Jenga with it. We may have had to cheat a bit and hold the tower steady – had to give them a fighting chance! The littlest wasn’t really fussed and was definitely more focussed on knocking it down, but his brother was getting into the swing of it.

Mega Hi-Tower Review | Playing Jenga

The Verdict

I really love this as it’s something a bit different to do outside. Although it’s designed to be a game like Jenga, there are actually loads of different things you could use the blocks for which makes it suitable for all ages. There are various packs that you can purchase depending on size ranging from £24.99 to £74.99 for Hi-Tower, or even £250.00 for the official Jenga branded version – but I think that is a bit excessive when the Hi-Tower is just as good. In fact, the  Jenga blocks are only 14cm long but the Mega Hi-Tower is 18cm each so it seems better value.

We didn’t get much of a turn with the boys around, but with Easter weekend coming up I’m hoping we can fob them off with an Easter egg and get a grown-ups game on the go!

I was sent a Mega Hi-Tower set for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Mega Hi-Tower Review”

  1. What a great game for keeping the kids entertained outside. You wouldn’t need a big garden either which is fab! We once went to a summer wedding and they had games like this to keep the children entertained, it was such a great idea and worked really well.

  2. Ok I’m loving this game! The carry bag is fantastic in itself. And the blocks are a nice, big size for playing outside. There are so many great games the kiddies could play with this. I imagine mine building a shed for their tractors! x

  3. Wow thats a lot of money for something thats branded! The High Tower ones look great so I would always opt for those. We actually have a version of giant jenga and it always comes out once we everyone has had a drink at a BBQ or similar. Its a throwback from our wedding. Monkey loves playing it to although next time I think I may suggest a fort as well!

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