Menu Plan Monday – 18th July 2016


I like to sit down on a Sunday and plan our menu for the week. We check our diaries for activities that week and decided what we are going to eat. This way we can write a list before we go to the shops and try to limit our spend to just the things we need. As Jonathan is at work Monday-Friday I only menu plan our dinners. I tend to eat left overs for my lunches or have sandwiches or salads.

The Adult’s Menu

Monday: Homemade chilli & rice

Tuesday: Sausage, mash, gravy and peas

Wednesday: Lean in 15 – cheesy chorizo, chicken & spinach

Thursday: Dad’s Birthday! So BBQ at the Hales

Friday: Chicken in herb, garlic & cream cheese sauce, new potatoes and asparagus

Saturday: Anniversary dinner at Maryculter House Hotel

Sunday: Family meal at the Hogg’s

This week Jonathan has also asked for some curried parsnip soup to take for lunch a few days so I’ll be making that, as well as his usual sandwiches to take to work.

I have also started planning a menu for Piglet. This way I know he is getting a variety of fruit and vegetables to try and I know what to get out of the freezer to defrost! He has a fruit or veg after his first nap, usually around lunch time, and then has some form of porridge or baby rice before bed. The menu below is for his lunches.

Piglet’s Menu

Monday: Parsnip

Tuesday: Banana

Wednesday: Broccoli

Thursday: Sweet Potato

Friday: Apple

Saturday: Avocado

Sunday: Carrot

As you can see he is still at the first tastes stage of foods. Following this week I want to start combining, but at the moment he is more than happy with everything on its own!

Do you menu plan for the week in advance? I’m always looking for new food ideas – we definitely get stuck in a food rut. Feel free to share below and I’ll be sure to take a look.


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    I’m slightly obsessed with meal planning and have shared lots of meal plans on my blog. I am currently working on a 4-week meal plan which is very seasonal, and then repeating it. It works really well, and makes sure we eat a good balance. It looks like you’re going out a lot this week which should be lovely!

    1. // Reply

      Oh wow 4 weeks – I always think I’m doing well for going 1 week ahead! Eating with family is perfect for us at the moment with a little one in tow. Its saves me having to make dinner that night! Thanks for stopping by.

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    I think making a list and sticking to it is a great way to save money. In our house we don’t do this regards food but I’ve done it for purchases when it comes to baby. #MarvMondays

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    Meal planning is such a great idea, but I always struggle with deciding what we’re going to have to eat for every day of a week so much in advance. I like the flexibility of making and eating what I feel like on that day rather than having a set menu as such. However, I do think its really worthwhile if it works for you. Much easier to do for the little ones though I find and I love the look of piglets little meal plan 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. // Reply

      I used to struggle with the idea, but this way definitely saves us a lot of money as I only buy what I know we’re going to need. I won’t lie and say we stick to it 100% of the time though – things come up and plans change!

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