Meal Plan Monday – 20th February 2017

Well I’ll be honest – we didn’t stick to the meal plan for last week, never mind knowing how much we spent on the food. It was an major fail, but with the work we have been doing in the house I think we can be forgiven!

With Piglet’s birthday this coming Sunday we are looking forward to a treat tea that day at his birthday party! We are still living in a restricted kitchen (think the smallest kitchen space you’ve ever seen….. then half it) so most of our meals this week are of the low prep variety. We’re getting pretty bored of the options we have though so if you can think of low prep meals please leave them in the comments below!

Meal Plan Monday 20th February 2017 | See what we are eating this week as a family of 3. We have 2 separate menus, one for the adults and one for our 1 year old son

The Adult’s Meal Plan

Monday: Roast Chicken With All The Trimmings

Tuesday: Grown-up Meal Out – Child Free!

Wednesday: Sausage and Mash

Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas

Friday: Chicken Kiev with New Potatoes and Salad

Saturday: Chilli

Sunday: Piglet’s Birthday Party Tea

Piglet’s Meal Plan

Monday: Lunch – Pizza Pinwheel and Banana  Dinner – Chicken Roast Dinner

Tuesday: Lunch – Keema and Rice Dinner – Cauliflower Cheese and Sweet Potato

Wednesday: Lunch – Toast with Almond Butter and A Tangerine Dinner – Macaroni Cheese

Thursday: LunchPea and Sweetcorn Fritters  Dinner – Mushroom Omlette

Friday: Lunch – Pinwheel, Grapes and Soreen Dinner – Fish Pie and Peas

Saturday: Lunch – Cheese on Toast with Grapes Dinner – Macaroni Cheese

Sunday: Lunch – Crumpet with Cream Cheese Dinner – Birthday Tea

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