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We’re still in limbo at my mums waiting for out building work to finish. We’re are looking forward to getting home, not just because we’ll have a new kitchen and living space to decorate but because we can slot back into our routine. I haven’t been meal planning while we are here and it just leaves me feeling a little on edge on the run up to meal times!

It didn’t feel right to let another Monday slip by without a meal plan though, and so Jade from Mummies Waiting has kindly stepped in to fill the void. As a busy mum of 2 she swears by a meal plan to keep them on track. Take it away Jade!

Meal Plan Monday Feat. Mummies Waiting | Jade has stepped in to share a typical meal plan for a family of four. It can be tough to come up with meal ideas that 4 people will all enjoy but Jade does a great job

Hello, I’m Jade blogger at
As a mum to two little princesses, Kairi aged 3 and Naminé aged 2, a dog (who we have to be very careful of certain foods around) and a husband who does not get home until 7:15pm its very important for me to meal plan and stick to it. I hate waste, whether that be gone off food in the bin or money on takeaway. I also like to set myself a budget to stick to for the week and eat healthy, 2 things which I never achieve on weeks where I don’t manage to plan.
Our meal plan starts on a weekend where I usually set a budget of max £50 and order an online shop. I order the shop firstly so I don’t shop hungry and buy extra, but secondly because we don’t drive and dragging 2 small children and a weeks shop around is just not my idea of fun anymore! I try to get our shopping delivered for Monday morning so we are ready for the week ahead.


I find breakfast the most boring meal of the week, no matter how much I try to change it up, we always end up with the same few things. *I must learn to become a real house wife and make homemade pancakes which are set out on the table ready… nah, sleep it is!*
Girls breakfast – Weetabix minis (with but usually without milk) and Toast with either butter, cherry jam, strawberry jam or lemon curd. Fruit is available if they want it, but rarely do first thing.
Adults breakfast – I usually skip breakfast, but this week I’m mixing it up with a cherry yogurt. Ryan has a box of cereal at work which he will tuck into with a green tea and some fruit.


Girls lunch – pick’n’mix. This is by far the girls favourite, carrot and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, fruit, yogurt or jelly, cheese and a sausage roll. One day during the week they will have a treat from their tin (packet of crisps).
Adults lunch – Again my husband will eat from his stash at work. He will usually have a cup of soup. I’ve really been enjoying my salads so this week i’m having Rocket, Cherry tomatoes, feta, croutons and a balsamic glaze. If i’m still hungry afterwards I will have an apple or orange.


We all sit down and eat dinner together as soon as Ryan gets back from work, this week we have decided to try one new dish and stick to a few of our favourites.

Monday Four cheese Tortiloni and sauce with mozzarella and garlic bread.
Tuesday Prawn Stir Fry. This is my first time trying this dish so I’m very excited.
Wednesday Ratatouille. Courgettes, Aubergine, Tomatoes, Red peppers, Red onions, a sprinkle of feta and pitta breads.
Thursday We spend the night at nanny’s house. Ryan will stay home and have Chilli and Rice and I will buy Hunters Chicken with cauliflower and Broccoli to share with the family and cream filled donuts as desert.
Friday Red Pepper Risotto topped with ricotta and rocket.
Saturday Sausage and apple potato bake.
Sunday Creamy brie and mushroom topped jacket potatoes.
Menu Plan Monday | Mummies Waiting
Well that all sounds amazing! Jade clearly favours dishes with cheese in them just like we do. I’ve never thought to top a baked potato with brie before, nor have we tried a sausage and apple potato bake. Both of those are going to be added to our recipe list I’m sure!
Jade often shares pictures of their meals on her Instagram, so check her out there! Or on her Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest.
If you’re not sure you understand the benefits of why you should meal plan then check out this post – it explains it all to you!

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