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Mummy beauty time is something that definitely gets pushed to the side. Mummy anything time actually gets pushed out the window, we can all admit that. Mummy time is taken over by family time, and looking after the children time, and trying to work time.  But we say enough is enough. Don’t worry, we’re not going to try and get you to drop everything and forget about your responsibilities, but we are saying that should try and make a little bit more time to yourself. Even if it is just two hours a week, it’s enough for you to have that personal space that you so badly need. But that’s just doing something you like doing, this article is going to tell you ways that you can take some time to enjoy a bit of mummy beauty. Where you can look good, feel good, and like you aren’t just the typical mum image so many people think. The mum that rushes around, doesn’t have time to focus on beauty, and doesn’t even care about it.

Mommy Beauty Time Is Essential

The Quick Fixes You Might Not Have Considered

Just because you’re a mum, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to have those insecurities that people commonly have. Everyone just thinks that because you’re a mum, having that role is your only priority. But just like everyone else, it’s so easy to feel self conscious, if not more. But there are quick fixes to nearly all of your problems out there, and most of the time you don’t have to think about big cosmetic procedures, which we know a lot of people seem to be doing at the minute. For example, you can get invisible braces which can fix issues with your teeth, alongside with other treatment that might be needed, and you’ll often find it won’t cost that much. But you will get so much self confidence from it, especially since they’re pretty much invisible. That is just one simple change to an issue you might be having, but there are many more out there, you just need to do a bit of exploring.

The Simply Beauty Techniques

If we’re going to carry on along the lines of securities, we might as well talk about simple beauty techniques that can make you feel amazing. It’s nothing too complex, as we know a lot of you mums will struggle to find be in front of the mirror in the morning! But our technique is only simple beauty tips for the everyday mom! Our techniques starts with a good cleanse and moisturise in the morning. Then, apply a light layer of foundation, followed by some powder to set it. Apply some bronzer all over the face, and some blusher along the cheekbone. Then, just above the cheek, apply some highlighter to finish. Simple mascara and shading in your eyebrow to finish will give you the natural everyday beauty look you need, but it won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete! But we do know you will feel super confident! And if you’re interested in getting super relaxed and pampering yourself, you could even grab an organic bath bomb and take a nice long soak!

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