I’m going to be honest – I’m not actually sure I know how to write this post without making both my mother and I sound completely insane. I mean, we are pretty bonkers so I’m not even going to try and deny that part, but this may make us sound completely off our rockers. So bare with me!

Is there anything that you do now which you would never tell your mother? I’m not talking about the big stuff – you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for big life long secrets! More the minor things that you do day to day that you would never have dared to as a kid. There’s got to be something?

When I was growing up my mother had some bizarre rules. Actually, she still does to be fair. But thankfully I don’t live in her house so I don’t have to live by her rules. 11 years ago I moved out and could start living the rebel life I wanted…… until now.

My Mother Doesn't Know I.... | Growing up my mother had some odd "rules", and now I've left home I've been breaking them all https://oddhogg.com

While the final stage of our renovations are taking place we have move in with my parents again. This means we are back living by their rules. I don’t mean we have a curfew and have to tidy our room if we want to watch tv (although if she could enforce that I bet she would), but it is the weird rules from my childhood that are coming back to haunt me.

Rule #1: Do not dunk bread into your soup

This one drove me insane growing up, so it’s no surprise that it’s something that I ditched as soon as I left home. Bread is to be eaten on the side of toast, or ripped up and placed in it. Under no circumstances should you dunk.

I’ve yet to go completely rogue and dip a whole sandwich in – but the thought has crossed my mind.

My Mother Doesn't Know | soup https://oddhogg.com

Rule #2: Use a butter knife

God forbid you spread some butter on toast, and then use the same knife to go back for more butter. I have no idea how many times I heard my mum moaning about a minuscule crumb that only she could find in the butter. Seriously.

I put the knife back in the butter every single day. And I enjoy it.

Along with this, you’re meant to use a tea spoon to get things like jam or peanut butter out of a jar….. I do no such thing.

My Mother Doesn't Know | Bread and Butter https://oddhogg.com

Rule #3: Every meal needs some form of vegetable

And she doesn’t care whether it goes with the meal or not. This evening she even insisted my Dad had a bit of aubergine with his dinner.

Obviously I’m all for eating healthily and trying to get my 5-a-day, but sometimes we just needs an easy meal and the veg gets ditched. Sometimes, I like to really live life on the edge and just have cereal for tea. Such a rebel.

And The Rest Of You?

In an effort to make sure I’m not completely insane I have asked some friends if they have things that they hide from their mum now.

“My Mum doesn’t know that I swear quite a lot!! And hopefully she never will!” Mum On A Mission

“My Mum doesn’t know that I have three tattoos. She and my dad always said they would kill me if I got one!!” Five Little Doves

“Eat before swimming. My Mom used to scare me half to death thinking something serious would happen if I ate an hour before swimming. The rebel I am, now eat just before going swimming. I still feel naughty” Twinderelmo

“Regularly eat chocolate for breakfast in the car on the way to work” Mummy Times Two

I’d love to hear if you have anything you keep a secret – share them below 🙂

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