Meal Plan Monday – 7th August 2017

I am loving being back at home. Our new hob is perfect and I don’t get enraged when I try to cook anything, and the new oven is clean. Still – even after a month! I am enjoying having full control over our meals again and returning to cook the meals we know and love.

Unfortunately, 8 weeks of not doing much cooking has left me a little forgetful! I’ve been drawing a blank sometimes when trying to create our meal plans and I’m sure I’m forgetting some of our favourites. Time to start browsing recipes online for some inspiration I think!

Meal Plan Monday 7th August 2017 | Another meal plan for our family of 3. We are having simple meals that are quick to prepare this week

The Adult’s Meal Plan

Monday: Macaroni Cheese

Tuesday: One Pot Chicken Fajita Rice

Wednesday: Baked Potatoes with Baked Beans & Cheese

Thursday: Chicken & Pea Risotto

Friday: Mince and Tatties

Saturday: BBQ

Sunday: Pizza

Piglet’s Meal Plan

Monday: Macaroni Cheese

Tuesday: French Toast and Berries

Wednesday: Keema and Rice

Thursday: Chicken Casserole

Friday: Mince and Tatties

Saturday: Chilli

Sunday:  Fish Fingers and Sweet Potato Fries

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