As a first time mum I didn’t know what to expect in the 2nd trimester. The 1st trimester was pressure was off as we announced the pregnancy to our friends, so would I now be able to enjoy being pregnant?

2nd Trimester Symptoms

Morning Sickness

I naively thought the morning sickness would soon stop. If anything it seemed to ramp up a notch. Eating throughout the day kept it at bay, but I could be caught off guard. I was concerned about excessive weight gain, but since I appeared to be throwing up more than I was keeping down I was actually lighter than I had been before I fell pregnant.

Its hard to pinpoint exactly when, but around week 20 my morning sickness began to ease and was gone almost completely around week 25. It was a relief to start eating normally again (certain foods, meat in particular, had been making the morning sickness worse).

Back Pain

Around week 18 I started to get back pain. It is common to have lower back pain in pregnancy, however my pain was more in my upper back. This is largely due to the tension I hold in my shoulders and the change in weight balance as my belly began to grow.

I bought a maternity pillow, but rather than using it in bed I used it on the sofa to make my self more comfortable. It was a life saver! I chose it because it wasn’t designed specifically for being in bed and I can manipulate into whatever shape I want. (It also worked fab as a nursing pillow and for somewhere to prop Piglet up as a newborn!)

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Maternity Clothes

I started to need maternity trousers around 16/17 weeks. I technically could still wear a few of my pairs of jeans, but they were uncomfortable. Initially I borrowed from my sisters, but they favoured the under bump style and I didn’t really like them. I was reluctant to spend a lot as I (wrongly) assumed I would need to size up as my pregnancy progressed. I shopped around a bit and found some┬áNew Look jeans. The were super comfortable! I eventually ended up with 3 pairs in different colours. I’ve also heard great things about the ASOS maternity leggings, but I’m just not a leggings kind of girl.

2nd Trimester Scans

As with most of the rest of pregnant women out there I didn’t have any other scans between weeks 12 and 20. That is the longest stretch in which I didn’t see a medical professional throughout the whole pregnancy.

In our hospital they don’t tell you the gender of your baby at the 20 week scan and so if you want to find out the gender you have to pay for a private scan. We made the decision to not find out, and its a decision I do not regret at all…. but that didn’t stop it being hard. Around the 20 week mark people start to ask what you’re having and it was generally met with surprise. There are not many surprises left these days, we decided that we would let this be one of them.

Jonathan came with me to the 20 weeks scan. They checked everything out and did the standard full anatomy scan, Piglet was measuring bang in the middle of all the charts.

I had another check up and scan at 24 weeks and my weight had finally gone back up to my pre-pregnancy weight. My blood pressure was still really low but there is nothing that can be done about it. It is far better to have it low than high at least!

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Baby Movements

I had an anterior placenta, which means it was placed at the front of my womb. It was high so it didn’t cause any issues with delivery, but it did mean it took me longer than many other people to feel Piglet move. I skipped the flutter stage completely – those were all muffled by the placenta – and the first movement I felt were full blown kicks at around 22/23 weeks. That same day Jonathan also got to feel a kick. They were fairly sporadic for another few weeks but we enjoyed what we could feel.

Overall the 2nd trimester was fairly uneventful. Piglet was growing and we were closing in on this arrival!

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