4 boxes of NEUU skincare products. 3 boxes are dark grey with green leaves design, one is white with the same green leaf design

NEUÙ Skincare Review | Mens Seaweed Skincare

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A few weeks ago JHogg and I were watching a program that had a feature on seaweed and it’s benefits for us. We were both quite intrigued, but the product in question was a cooking oil and we just couldn’t imagine using it. When NEUÙ Skincare asked if we would like to test out their men’s seaweed skincare range JHogg said he’d love to give it a go. How could we not be intrigued?

The NEUÙ skincare range uses naturally effective bio-active seaweed ingredients that are scientifically developed to soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive skin. JHogg’s skin is always dry, and often regular face wash or other products can dry it out even further, meaning his moisturiser has to work extra hard to bring it up to a healthy level. At NEUÚ they take in to account the everyday stresses on our skin, from the dry air caused by central heating or the exposure to wind and run outside, and their experts combat the effects they have on our skin with their products.

JHogg isn’t generally one for rigid skincare regime, so I was interested to see how he would get on. The NEUÙ range consists of a hydrate moisturiser, a renew face scrub, invigorate hair and body wash, and a energise face wash. These are all products that I would use regularly so I was looking forward to giving them a little try myself too.

4 NEUU skincare products. The packaging is white with black lids.
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NEUU Hydrate Moisturiser

Of all the products the Hydrate Moisturiser was the favourite for both of us. It comes in a 50ml bottle with a pump to dispense it, which is the style that JHogg prefers. It has almost no scent to it at all which I think is great as I have quite sensitive skin on my face.

The moisturiser has macro-algae oil extract, which means it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and, blended with biologically active plant ingredients, can soothe and dry irritated skin, prevent moisture loss, restore elasticity and is anti-ageing. Anti-ageing creams are very popular for women but I don’t see it as commonly for men. They get the same fine lines and wrinkles as we do though, so looking after their skin is a must!

The moisturiser recommends using it twice a day, morning and evening, on clean and dry skin. JHogg will be the first to admit that he doesn’t remember to do it twice a day, but in the morning after his shower it is now part of his routine and leaves his skin soft and refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

A tub of NEUU moisturiser for men
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NEUU Energise Face Wash

As well as the moisturiser, the energise face wash was a hit. At first he (and I!) was a bit apprehensive. The smell of the face wash seemed a bit bizarre when sniffed straight from the tube, but not ones to bail out the first hurdle JHogg gave it a go.

The face wash combines the purifying and calming properties of macro-algae oil with the invigorating scent and antiseptic power of grapefruit oil to naturally cleanse and refresh the face. JHogg uses it in the shower in the morning, waking himself up with an invigorating wash. It doesn’t leave a residue, and is a great base for a clean face before applying the moisturiser.

4 boxes of NEUU skincare products. 3 boxes are dark grey with green leaves design, one is white with the same green leaf design
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We were gifted these items for the purpose of writing this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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