Newborn Photography

A selection of photos from out newborn photography session. We loved using the tartan backings and the whisky prop

When I was pregnant I was really keen on the idea of newborn photography. I loved the gorgeous posed pictures, I knew it was something I’d love to have.

The issue we had though was the cost. We had bought a new house and every penny we have was ear marked for kitchens or bathrooms. I couldn’t justify taking money away from the house just for the sake of some photos.

It was meant to be though, I entered a competition to win a family photoshoot and it just so happened that the winners were announced a few days after Alexander was born – and it was us! The photographer was happy to change our pice to a newborn shoot. Due to his extended stay in hospital we couldnt do the shoot until Piglet was 3 weeks old which is past the usual time frame in which the advise the shoots take place. But that didn’t affect it as far as I could tell.

Newborn Photography

Up until the day of the photoshoot Piglet had slept pretty much all the time. The jaundice made him really sleepy, so we were hopeful we would get some great sleeping photos. Typical Piglet, he did the exact opposite and chose that day to be wide awake!

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

We of course had to use JHoggs bottle of Dalmore King Alexander as a prop. The tartan he is lying on was the plaid from JHoggs wedding kilt. Naturally it got peed on – it was to be expected!

Newborn Photography

Had we not used a professional photography we had planned to try and do our own newborn photography shoot at home, but theres no way the photos would have been of this quality.

I love the photos we got – I’m so glad we had this opportunity!


My Petit Canard
Pink Pear Bear


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  1. // Reply

    So beautiful! I wish we had done a newborn shoot. I especially like the tartan backdrop – worth the pee I think πŸ™‚

    1. // Reply

      I’m so glad we had it, and if there’s ever another baby I would definitely shell out for it. Thankfully the pee washed off haha

    1. // Reply

      We couldn’t believe it. We got the message that we’d won on the day I had to leave Piglet in the hospital so that lightened the mood!

  2. // Reply

    What luck that you won that contest! Your little piglet is so cute. We did a newborn photo shoot for our little boy too and I’m so glad we did. It’s nice to have high quality photos of your babies. #twinklytuesday

    1. // Reply

      I know! I couldn’t believe it as I never win anything!

    1. // Reply

      yes thankfully I was able to wash it and sort it out. Typical boy!

  3. // Reply

    I LOVE newborn photography! Such cute photos πŸ™‚ Both my kids were a little older once we got around to professional photos but this time I’d love to be able to do it in the first couple of weeks #MarvMondays

    1. // Reply

      They say the ideal time is in the first 10 days – but I imagine thats quite hard for a lot of people to manage!

  4. // Reply

    Not getting a newborn shoot with my first was a huge regret for me but thankfully with the second I’ve managed to get into photography a bit myself so we managed to take our own. It’s such a wonderful stage and goes so fast it’s nice to have something to remember how dinky they were. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. // Reply

      I’ve been giving photography a go myself but I’m still butchering it I think. It’s fun to try though!

  5. // Reply

    AWW! This shoot is so sweet, and I think it turned out great. Thank you so much for sharing these!

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