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  • We started this month off by the pool in Majorca. We went with my parents and sisters for my mums birthday. We travelled with 6 children, 5 of which were aged 4 and under. You’d think the flight would have been a nightmare but the kids were fab! We had a lovely week in the sun but everyone was pretty shattered by the time we were heading home.

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  • On the last day of our break I had my birthday. 27 has crept up on me and I’m not sure I like it! We had cava with our breakfast curtesy of the hotel, and then outside by the pool my nieces and nephews attacked me with silly string. What more could you want for a birthday!
  • Following the holiday we started bedtime boot camp with Piglet as his lack of routine was driving me crazy. We seem to have succeeded, no one was more surprised than me! Although we do quite miss his company in the evenings now.
  • We threw a surprise afternoon tea for my mums birthday. Usually she’s pretty clued up but we got her good and proper this time! We had a chilled afternoon eating scones and cake and drinking prosecco.
  • We finally got our bathroom plastered and the radiator installed. Just a lick of paint and it’s completely finished. Such a long slog!

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  • Also on the home front, we papered our downstairs living room and got the carpet down. It is lovely to have one nice room downstairs that we can go to. We wasted no time in having my parents over for tea and some games.
  • Our building warrant has finally been approved for our kitchen/dining/living space! We can’t believe how quickly things are starting to move. Let’s hope it keeps it up!
  • The October holidays meant swimming lessons weren’t on so Piglet and I joined his cousins at the swimming pool with the rest of Aberdeen. Twice. We literally never learn!
  • Piglet is now 8 months old and had an extra weight check with the health visitor. She’s more than happy with how he’s been gaining weight now so we have a whole 4 months check up free 🙂
  • We had a wonderful weekend in Kenmore with my friends to celebrate a wedding. We had a lovely lodge with a hot tub which we made great use of! We left Piglet with my parents so we could really let our hair down! It was a fab 3 days but we were pleased to see the little guy when we got home.

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