Regular readers will likely have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here. I have deviated from my usual posting schedule, adopting a more erratic approach – if I manage to post at all! It’s unlike me as I am usually quite methodical and like to set deadlines for myself.

I have had good reason though! I have been busy behind the scenes growing a tiny human. That’s right, I’m going to have another baby! I am currently a few days short of 12 weeks pregnant with the newest little Hogg, and I have the morning sickness and fatigue to prove it.

OddHogg Is Growing | We have some news! We are expecting a new baby next year, and can't wait to keep you all updated on it's progress

To say I have found the first trimester tough would be an understatement. In many ways it has been similar to my first trimester with Piglet, but also very different. I have had the usual pregnancy fatigue, but combined with looking after a boisterous toddler it has hit me quite hard.

Similar to last time, I have been sick. A lot. It came on later than I expected, around 8 weeks this time. Since it started I’ve had maybe only a handful of days where I haven’t been physically sick, most days it is at least twice. If not three or four times. I won’t lie – it sucks!

I stopped being sick with Piglet at around 24 weeks. I have everything crossed that things won’t be that bad this time and that it might ease off sooner. I can dream right?!

OddHogg Is Growing | Pregnancy Announcement

As for the next steps? We are still torn on whether we will find out the baby’s gender. In Aberdeen you will not get told it at the hospital so we have to pay to have a private scan. I have scans at least every 4 weeks at the hospital due to my diabetes, so paying for an extra one seems a little unnecessary. I am quite keen to find out the gender this time though so we will see!

I have had a scan already, and I have another in about 10 days. I will be doing some updates here on the blog of course, but the majority will be over on my YouTube channel. I have been recording updates throughout my first trimester which I will be uploading soon too.

I hope you can bare with me as I wait for the worst of the morning sickness to pass. I hope that normal activity will resume here shortly 🙂