In the spirit of starting at the very beginning, this is how the Hogg’s came about. This is our story.

Our Story | How did JHogg and I meet? When did we decide to have our first baby baby? Answers to those and more in this post

In 2010 I was living in Edinburgh in the 4th year of Master’s degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. My sister contacted me one day to ask if I’d like to go on a trip to Bulgaria skiing over new year with her and her friends, and as I hadn’t skied in a few years I said yes. Soon the holiday was booked and I was looking forward to getting a break after my exams.  I didn’t know him yet – but Jonny was booked on the same trip.

Our story

We all had a great time, and afterwards I returned to Edinburgh to continue studying. We didn’t meet again until I came home for the summer to do a work placement. Jonathan got in touch touch to ask me on our first date. We went for a drink and the rest, as they say, is history.

We dated long distance for a year. I then spent a summer in London working for the Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was an amazing summer and an experience I won’t forget. JHogg visited me, and I came home for a week in between the Olympics and Paralympics when things were quiet.

I had a job lined up in the oil and gas industry for after the Olympics was over, meaning that I could move back to Aberdeen and be nearer my family and Jonny. I bought a flat and we moved in together in the October. Soon we had our pooch, Rodney, and were enjoying life in the same city.

Our Story

In 2013 I got JHogg a trip to Frankfurt for his birthday. We had often spoken about visiting the German Christmas markets so we were both really looking forward to it! He surprised me by proposing on our 2nd night there and we soon booked our wedding.

We got married in March 2015. It was a fantastic day and we loved every minute of it. I left my job soon after and spent some time getting our flat ready to sell. By the July we knew we had a Piglet on the way and life as we knew it changed forever. We sold our flat and bought our family home. We had just gotten started renovating when Piglet arrived on the scene.

And now here we are. Muddling through and seeing where life takes us!

Our Story

Our Story | Have you ever wondered who the Hogg's are? This post explains a little about how we met, what we do and when we decided to have our baby

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