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Christmas and New Year is the ultimate party food time. All I want to do is ditch proper meals and over indulge on tasty treats, little nibbles and cheese! Most of the time I manage to reign myself in (apart from with the cheese….. I’ve no control when it comes to cheese) but if there is even a sniff of a party on the cards I’m all over the snacks!

This year we exchanged presents with my nieces and nephews on the 22nd December. The lovely people at Tesco sent us a voucher so that we could get some party food to share that evening – but did it fit the bill?

Party Food With Tesco | The festive season is prime time for party food - but what is the selection like at Tesco? Check out this review of some of their frozen party food

We were having the party at my mums house – the queen of entertaining! I took her along to Tesco with me to choose what we would like to eat. At first we looked at the fresh party food items. My mum was tempted by the tempura prawns, whereas I was lusting over the brie and cranberry parcels. We had to cater for a whole group of people though so we had to make sure we picked things everyone would love.

A large selection of the chilled foods were on special at 3 for the price of 2. Naturally that meant we decided we would get 3 items, which would probably be the perfect amount for our party.

We wandered over to the frozen food to see what was on offer there. I immediately clocked the mini eclairs. I barely had to look at my mum though to have that idea shot down – such a fun sponge!

There were so many options, and since getting one of each was apparently not an option, I let my mum make the final decision! The frozen party food was on offer for 3 for £5 so we got Duck Spring Rolls and Sticky Chicken Kebabs. We got 2 boxes of the kebabs as we suspected they might be quite a hit with everyone!Party Food With Tesco | Our food selection

The food could all be cooked from frozen, which made cooking on the day super easy! One downside is that they cooked at different temperatures, which wasn’t ideal but nothing we haven’t dealt with before.

Party Food With Tesco | Sticky Chicken Kebabs

The sticky chicken kebabs got a mixed reception. I didn’t mind them, but I wasn’t in love with them. My dad really wasn’t a fan. He found them too sweet and said he thought the chicken pieces were too small. While I agree with this in principle, for the price you pay I believe they are quite good. If you want bigger chunks of chicken you can expect to pay a lot more.

Party Food With Tesco | Nephew

We had my nieces and nephews with us and they all seemed to love the chicken. This little monkey mastered getting the chicken off the skewers pretty quickly! The kids were helping themselves and happily chomping away.

Party Food With Tesco | Duck Spring Rolls

The duck spring rolls were a hit with the adults! We served them with hoisin for dipping – because you can never have enough hoisin. They were lovely and crispy served straight from the oven.

How do you cater for parties? I love frozen food that can be popped straight in the oven as it means we don’t need to worry about excessive amounts of prep. They’re also really handy to have on hand just in case of surprise visitors!

Have you tried any of the Tesco party food range? Let me know in the comments below?

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher towards some of the cost of the party food, however all words and opinions are my own.

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