Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, We’ll be there on the double….

I don’t know any kids who haven’t gone through the Paw Patrol phase at one point or another. It seems almost like a rite of passage as a parent, learning all the pups names just so you can try and keep up with the conversation, hum the theme tune to yourself all day long. We always full embrace these phases, they never last long and the children enjoy it. And for us that often means some form of new branded toy to help them really play the part.

Paw Patrol Smart Phone

As soon as I saw the box I knew the Paw Patrol Smart Phone was going to be a big hit. My kids love to pretend they’re talking on the phone, a part of imaginary play that they’ve picked up from their older cousins. So that along with the Paw Patrol characters made it immediately appealing.

There is more than just role play with the phone though. There for 4 interactive activities you can play which help the kids with learning their colours and numbers. You can ring up the pups and Ryder to say hi, and the kids are encouraged to learn how to follow instructions given by the phone. The games help with memory, concentration and attention skills as well as helping with hand-eye coordination.

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My boys can be quite rough when they play and so far the smart phone has been able to withstand it. The batteries are located in the back and secured with a screw to stop little fingers accessing it. There are batteries already in place so it can be played with straight out of the box.

Paw Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet 

Zee is starting school next year and despite my best efforts has been a bit reluctant to learn the letters of the alphabet. Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet is the perfect introduction to the world of letters and phonics in a way that appeals to his interests.

There are games and activities to play, ranging from letter recognition to phonetic words and sounds. For both of my boys their favourite way to play at the moment is to simply press the buttons and listen to the Alphabet Tablet tell you the letter sound. The touch sensitive screen makes them feel like they are using a “real” tablet, or Ryder’s Pup Pad. They are ready to call on the pups at a moments notice to save the day.

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The Paw Patrol toys have made a nice change from their usual imaginative play with the pups and their vehicles. They are having fun, while I can appreciate the educational aspect to their play. There is a Count With Marshall toy in the range also which is a fun way for kids to work on their numbers and colour recognition. I think we may have to see if Santa could look in to bringing it for Christmas!

I was sent a Paw Patrol Smart Phone and Paw Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Pad in order to carry out this review, as well as compensated for my time.

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