#PerfectAndProud 14th Round Up

It’s the 14th round up of Perfect and Proud, the instagram community run by myself, Sarah from Run Jump Scrap, Laura from Five Little Doves and Victoria from Starlight and Stories. There are over 7,500 pictures now and it is getting harder and harder to choose favourites every fortnight.

The theme this week was babies – as there are just so many adorable baby pictures cropping up right now that we had to feature some of them. Below are the ones that we picked – be sure to check out their feeds to see what else that have to offer.

#PerfectAndProud 14th Round-Up | It's the fourteenth round up of our parenting instagram community and we love seeing the photos. This post has our favourites for the week https://oddhogg.com

First up is my pick, which is by Lyndsay from Fizzy Peaches. The hands behind the head look was just too much!

Next up is Laura’s choice, which is by Alana from Baby Holiday. Baby Ezra is just adorable sitting in the long grass.

Sarah chose this picture from Natalie at Confessions Of A Crummy Mummy. There is something irresistible about babies sleeping.

Last but not least is Victoria’s choice. It is this shot by Harriet from A Rush Of Love. Her little guy is just adorable!

If you want to join us then all you need to do is add #PerfectAndProud to your posts on Instagram. Be sure to follow me, Laura, Sarah and Victoria on Instagram too to see if you are picked to be featured!

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