#PerfectAndProud Week 2 Round-Up

It’s time for the #PerfectAndProud round-up! I am loving this Instagram community I started with my blogging buddies, Laura from Five Little Doves, Sarah from Run Jump Scrap and Victoria from Mummy Time Two. We have had so many amazing pictures added so far and it is great fun scrolling through the feed.

If you would like to see our favourites from last week, then check out this post from Sarah. We will be taking it in turns to share our favourites with you each week. If you like any of the pictures shared here then be sure to check out their Instagram feeds to see more.

#PerfectAndProud Week 2 Round-Up | It's the 2nd week of our instagram community and we have loved seeing all the pictures of your perfect kids that you're proud of. Check out which shots are our favourites this week

First up is my favourite. I love this shot from Squished Blueberries. I love the way it captures her character. In the caption Louise apologises for it being blurry – but I didn’t even notice it. Fab photo.

Whatever Next! We’re carrying on our book of the week thing and this week it is the classic story by Jill Murphy about baby bear who goes up the chimney in a cardboard box (wearing a space helmet of course! ?) to have a picnic on the moon ? All the themes we’ve tried before have always felt a bit forced, but we ALL love books, so having a book of the week and doing one activity a day based around it has been working really well and I love thinking of ideas for what we can do. I’ve set up a new account for my #homeed posts over at @read_explore_create just because as I’ve got more into photography I’ve got a bit silly about what photos I want to post and although I really want to share the learning activities we get up to, a dark and blurry phone pic (which is all I usually manage to get whilst supervising the chaos… I mean learning) just won’t cut it on this feed ??(I realise this photo is a bit blurry but you know, it’s cute!) So if you’re here for the homeschool stuff, learning through play and picture book themed activity ideas, come over and join me! If you’re just after pretty pictures and weird emotional outpourings, you’re fine where you are ? #100daysofhomeed

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Laura’s favourite was this one from Mummy In A Tutu. She thinks the hat is amazing – and I have to agree! There is loads more cuteness just like this over on her feed.

Sarah’s favourite was taken by Fran at Back With A Bump. She said it was Poppy’s face that did for her – such a cutie! Poppy’s birthday is really close to Piglet’s so I love seeing how she is getting on.

And the final favourite for this week was Victoria’s, and she chose this one by Laura from Edinburgh With Kids. Katie’s grin is so big!

If you want to join us then all you need to do is add #PerfectAndProud to your posts on Instagram. Be sure to follow me, Laura, Sarah and Victoria on Instagram too to see if you are picked to be featured!

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