11 months old….. wow. I can’t believe we are here, and that in 1 month Piglet will be one year old. It won’t be long until I’m sobbing into my tea cup about the fact I have a toddler.

Following on from his development at 10 months, he’s continued to change daily. We have been working on different skills like clapping and waving. He’s not fully mastered either if I’m honest – but he’s trying! We had more changes with his feeding habits, mobility and sleep patterns which just adds to the fun.

He’s a Mama’s boy through and through now, and if he could have me by his side all day long then he would! He’s loving and affectionate (a little too affectionate….. thats how bugs are spread around here!) but a little menace too. The best little guy we could ask for.

Piglet's 11 Months Update | So close to his first birthday, but not quite there yet. This mama is clinging on the the last of his babyhood for as long as she can! This month we talk about breastfeeding, weaning, growth, teething, hand foot and mouth and mobility. When will Piglet start walking? Have a read to find out if he's close! https://oddhogg.com

I had thought that Piglet would be pulling himself up and crawling by now. He’s been dragging himself along the ground for a month and seems quite content to continue on that way. Occasionally he goes up on to his knees and rocks a bit, but he soon drops to the floor and drags himself along instead.

Standing is still a long way off, but he will lean on his activity table to play. He has zero stability of course and can tumble over at any time – but he is enjoying himself anyway!


I know I said I was going to weigh him this month, but I haven’t. We’ve been busy….. and I’m trying to be in denial about his growth. When people pick him up these days they often comment that he’s quite a weight now. He’s a growing boy!

He’s still in 9-12 month clothes, and I’m enjoying the last of his “baby” wardrobe before he becomes a toddler. Baby grows are starting to show signs of getting on the short side with his long legs though!

11 months old | Piglet phone https://oddhogg.com


We haven’t had any new teeth this month. I thought after the appearance of the first 2 that we might start to get them regularly but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the works right now.

My nephew had chicken pox at the start of January. Keen to get that over with for Piglet, we went round and played as usual. Both cousins kissed and cuddled as normal. I thought we were right on track. A few weeks later Piglet started to act unwell and had a raised temperature which I took as a sure sign he had caught chicken pox. No spots appeared, and 2 days later we realised it was hand foot and mouth! He very kindly shared it with me, that was a real treat. Another nephew got chicken pox, and now is having his turn with hand foot and mouth. These toddlers are fairly germ ridden!

11 Months Old | Piglet Swimming https://oddhogg.com


Breast feeding is just about over, and I’m quite ready for that now. He has a single feed first thing in the morning. It is mostly laziness from me as it saves me from making him a bottle when he’s first up and hungry. It won’t be long until that feed is replaced with a bottle. I’m happy we breast fed for 11 months – I can consider it a job well done.

At the moment he is still on 3 bottles a day. One mid morning, one mid afternoon and one before bed. I am thinking about starting to drop one of those in the near future as he does seem to fill up on milk instead of eating sometimes.

As with all little ones, being ill knocked Piglet’s eating habits a bit. He is getting back into good habits again now though thankfully. He loves fruit and would eat it all day long if I let him. I have to limit him as I am wary of the sugar content.

I still don’t have him eating what we eat very often. Our eating habits are not the best sometimes, and I prefer to give him more balanced meals. He loves fritters, or anything with almond butter on it. He is starting to get fussier with veggies, but if I put them in a cheese sauce he’ll eat just about anything!

11 months old | Piglet https://oddhogg.com


Over the last fortnight he has shifted to one nap a day. Although I miss the extra nap in the morning, the one nap set up works much better for him. After his lunch he will go down for around 2 hours. I am at least thankful that the nap is a long one!

We had a bit of a wobble with bedtimes with Piglet being very clingy. He has sorted himself out, and with moving to one nap he is so ready for bed at 7pm that he just falls asleep within less than 60 seconds most nights. He will sleep for around 13 hours a night – we really are living the dream right now!

11 months old | Piglet towel https://oddhogg.com


  • Offering kisses, and slobbering all over your face in the process
  • Cars, or more specifically – their wheels
  • Rolling a ball along the ground
  • Rodney
  • Being the centre of attention!


  • A spinning water toy he got for Christmas
  • Being alone

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