Next week, Piglet will be 16 months old (don’t worry – in “real life” I just say he’s 1). He is at this amazing stage where he is changing every day and constantly learning something new. He has started saying words, using elements of sign and his movement is unrecognisable from where he was 5 months ago.

I haven’t written him an update since he was 11 months old  so it only seems appropriate to take stock of where he is now. I love these posts as together they form a diary of his growth to look back on later. It’s always fun to see how much he has changed.

Piglet's 16 months update | A little update on what Piglet is like now he is a toddler


In the last fortnight Piglet has come on leaps and bounds with communicating with us. His first word was Grandad, which is really sweet. He had been saying Dada and Mama for a while, but never with intend. He will saying bye-bye…… kind of, but it sounds more like “da-dye”. It’s accompanied by a wave though so his point is clear!

In the last week he has added “quack” and “sit” to his vocabulary too. He’s happy to wander around quacking to himself, and know the right time in certain songs to start quacking at me. As for sit, he has learnt it from me telling him to sit down in the bath!

We do quite a lot of baby signing too, and he has started to use the sign for food. I think that is largely because whenever he does my Mum gives his half a biscuit! When I am asking him which songs he’d like to sing he will indicate using hand gestures. For Three Little Monkey’s Jumping on the bed, he will tap his head, or for Twinkle Twinkle he will open and close his hands, and Incy Wincy Spider he touches his fingers together. They are simple movements but it is great to see that he is under standing what we are saying.

Piglet at 16 Months Old | Playing in the garden


Around his first birthday he started to crawl properly. He commando crawled for about 2 months before that and I was starting to think he’s skip the “proper” crawling stage completely.

He pull himself up and cruises around the furniture. He was very nervous for a long time and didn’t like the idea of letting go, or giving you his hands to walk him around the room. At the slightest wobble he would plonk himself down again and not get back up.

Last week he suddenly decided he could stand unaided, and even casually strolled across the room. He is slightly later to walk than his peers, but he has been slowly working away at it in his own time. Obviously, he hasn’t taken any independent steps since then, but we know he is capable!

Piglet at 16 Months Old | Playing standing


I have never known such a fab sleeper. Piglet goes down at 7pm every night and will sleep through to around 8am most days. It is rare for him to wake in the night and it is bliss. Everything is bearable with a good night’s sleep!

In his bed he has his monkey that we bought him while he was in hospital, Ewan the Dream Sheep and his sleepytot. He tugs on the monkey (Oakley) ears or tail, and will do the same with the sheep. The sheep has to be switched on to the music – none of the other sounds will do!

We’ve just got the one dummy on his sleepytot at the moment. I have grand ideas of ditching it soon but we all know that will never happen.

Piglet at 16 Months Old | Piglet crawling


Piglet has an appetite like no other child I’ve ever seen. He eats just about anything and in large quantities. He is a lover of mince based dishes predominately, like cottage pie, chilli or keema. I don’t think chicken has enough flavour for him.

I’ve never known anyone to get so excited at the sight of a satsuma – 0r most other fruit for that matter. He can be a little funny with slimy textures, and won’t pick up banana or kiwi etc. He doesn’t mind if you just pop it in his mouth though, little monkey!

Piglet at 16 Months Old | Piglet eating pizza


I have loved watching his personality shine through recently. He adores his Grandad and follows him around shouting his name. We have been staying at my mum and dads for a few weeks and if he can escape the baby gate he will crawl to the bottom of the stairs shouting for him.

His laugh is so infectious, and simple things like pretending to sneeze will set him off. When he sees something he wants he screeches with excitement and shakes. We took him for his first proper experience of soft play last weekend and he was thrilled. Laughing at nothing, he crawled around in circles hoping to be chased.

He’s not all sweetness and light though, and boy can he pitch a fit. He has learnt what no means, and if you won’t let him play with the DVDs, empty the kitchen cupboards or destroy a plant he will throw himself to the ground and sob like the world is ending. All about the drama!

Piglet at 16 Months Old | With camera lens colour


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