One year ago today, at 1:56am, you arrived into our world. A little ahead of schedule and with more than your fair share of drama, but we were so excited you were here. Those first few weeks with you were a combination of joy and worry as you fought to establish yourself and get strong enough to be at home. You did it though.

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | A whole 12 months have passed since the birth of my son, so I've written him an open letter celebrating his 1st year of life, and our first year as parents https://oddhogg.com

I announced your birth with a picture of the 3 of us and the caption “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all” and that is still so true today. Over the last 12 months you have left us with an overwhelming feeling of completeness. You’ve filled the house with even more love than we could have imagined, and lots of laughter too. You have a big personality for such a little guy!

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | Newborn https://oddhogg.com

Sleepless nights have been few and far between. You love your bed and go down without a fuss pretty much every night. I hope you keep this up – because me and your Daddy love sleep too! You wake in the mornings in such a good mood, babbling away to Oakley in your cot and waiting for us to come and see you.

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | In Bed https://oddhogg.com

I love how excited you get by food. You’re willing to try pretty much anything! Although I think you wish you had a couple more teeth as sometimes you struggle. They’re on their way – I’m sure of it! You’ve managed this long with only 2 but the rest can’t be far behind.

Some days you are fiercely independent, feeding yourself and taking off to play alone. Other days you just want to be by my side. You have a lot of bravado, but the fear in your eyes in evident when you are standing sometimes and don’t feel like we’re holding you up enough. You’re not ready to walk yet, and I don’t think you’re the type who’s going to get up and run all of a sudden. Everything is done at your own face and in the way you have decided is best – even if it’s often a bit of an unusual route!

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | Towel https://oddhogg.com

In the last month you have become obsessed with your Granny. If she is there you only have eyes for her. I don’t mind, it gives me a chance to get things done. You hurt yourself the other day though and wanted me straight away. You’re still a Mummy’s boy at heart. I hope that never changes.

Daddy is the funniest thing in your world. He has you in hysterics all the time! For some reason you think the sight and sound of him blowing his nose is the best thing ever – I’ll never understand it! I love your moments together, he’ll always be your hero.

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | With Daddy https://oddhogg.com

Rodney has been interested in you since day one, and recently you’ve decided he’s a pretty good toy. I’ve witnessed you trying to use him to pull yourself up, grabbing handfuls of hair in the process. You don’t take being told no very well, but thankfully he waits patiently while you do it. Oddly, I’ve never seen him move away from you. He’s happy to take the abuse! Probably because of all the snacks you drop for him from your highchair. You’ve not been too impressed by the playpen I’ve set up to keep you separate – but you can never be too careful chum!

To Piglet, On Your 1st Birthday | Rosy Cheeks https://oddhogg.com

The past 12 months with you have been better than I ever could have dreamed. I’m so excited to see what comes next for you, but I’m also sad to see the end of your baby days. You’re a toddler now.

Slow down little guy.

I love you.

Mama xx

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