For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | In the cupboard

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday

Piggie, I’m sat here writing this on the eve of your 2nd birthday, wondering where the time has gone. It is such a cliche, but I can’t believe we’re here already. It doesn’t like long ago that you were a tiny newborn cuddled into my chest, so fragile and unwell in those early days but still determined to make sure everyone knew you were in the room!

I thought the change from newborn to 1 would be by far the biggest, but the difference in you over the last 12 months is unbelievable. You have not only made physical changes, but your personality shines through in everything you do.

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | A letter to my son as he turns 2

This is the year that you learnt to walk. You were slow to get up on your feet, preferring the safety of crawling until you were really ready. It meant you were stable from as soon as you were up and there wasn’t much in the way of wobbling around. This is still how you do things now, you watch from the sidelines taking it in before trying it for yourself.

You have always been a cautious little one. You always want a hand to hold as you go down the slide, you’re wary when standing on a stool and usually shown the concern on your face. You boldly shout for help when you feel out of your depth with the conviction of someone who knows a steady hand will never be far away.

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | In the cupboard

You don’t have any stranger danger. Giving our kisses and cuddles left right and centre, asking to be picked up or crawling on to the knee of strangers. You are trusting and loving to everyone you meet, and it is a trait I hope you never lose.

The last year has shown your determination. You know what you want – and often how to get it! It is testing at times as I help you learn that you won’t always get your way, but the cheeky grin you give me when you succeed means I can’t stay mad for long.

This is the year where you played in the sea for the first time. You felt the sand on your feet and jumped in the waves. You are a water baby at heart and love swimming. You think it’s hilarious to splash and will happily spend hours in the water.

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | On the beach

You have always been a chatterbox, but until recently you opted to use your own words rather than those traditionally found in the English language. In the last few months you have opened up a whole vocabulary of words that I didn’t even know you knew. We work together on them daily, reading books and talking about the things you can see. You can name your body parts and love to show people your tummy – even better if you can get them to show you theirs!

We sing together every day. I don’t proclaim to have a fantastic voice, but I believe I can hold a tune. You however……. you have some work to do on that front. You like to sing the wrong words to the wrong tune over the top of me but I think I’ve mastered the art of keeping going regardless. You sing with such gusto and do the actions so I know you’re enjoy yourself. I think it’s something we’ll keep working on!

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | In the park

This is the year you learnt to dance. I use that term loosely, as you mostly jump up and down on the spot, but you love it when I put the radio on in the mornings and pick you up to spin you around. We have a dance party in the kitchen most days, and I’m definitely soaking those up as one day you’ll tell me you’re too cool for that I’m sure!

You are the kind of accessories right now. Every outfit has a hat of some sort to go with it. You want to wear boots, either your wellies or my Uggs, and usually a glove or watch too for good measure! You don’t take no for an answer so we often leave the house wearing some rather strange outfits.

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | Cap on

You are animal mad at the moment, point out every dog, cat or bird that you can see. We’ve yet to come across any dinosaurs on any of our walks, but they are by far your favourite. You tell us how they roar, and even used one to make some orange marks on a freshly painted wall. Daddy has forgiven you for that now though….. I think.

My favourite part of this year has to be seeing you discover friends. Your face lights up when you see your cousins, no matter how long it’s been since you were last together. You are working out how to play with them, rather than just alongside them. It’s taking some practice and a lot of patience on both sides, but the bond you have with all of them is growing every day.

For Piglet, On Your 2nd Birthday | At Duthie Park

When you wake in the morning you will be 2. 2 is the year that will see you become a big brother. 2 is the year that will see you go to playgroup. 2 is the year that will see you grow a little more independent.

I can’t wait to spend it with you.

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