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Its hard to believe that Alexander has been with us for 4 months now. I have already forgotten how small he seemed, he is so strong and sturdy now. He grows and changes every day and I love being at home to share it all with him.


He is weighing in at 11lb 3oz currently. In baby grows and trousers he is well into 3-6 month size as he has long legs like his dad. For everything else though he still has plenty room in 0-3 months as he is on the slim side. I have boxed and put away the clothes that he’s grown out of already.piglet - 4 months old


We have been so lucky that he hasn’t been a sicky baby so far. He doesn’t suffer with colic or reflux and for that I’m so thankful! I think he may have started teething but it’s hard to say. There’s no sign of any teeth breaking through the surface yet though.


He is still almost exclusively breast fed. I have been offering the odd top up of formula to help him gain weight but he tends to reject it as he is already full. He will take a bottle of either formula or expressed milk quite happily when it is offered at the start. Feeds tend to be every 3 hours still. For a while he was going 4 hours overnight but we’re back to 3, and thats ok – he needs the calories!

With guidance from the health visitors we’ve started early weaning to try and get some more food into him. It’s just first tastes at the moment and he’s not really a fan yet.


We have moved him into his cot in his own room and this has helped with sleep immensely. He throws his arms out to the side and sleeps like he’s been crucified. He didn’t have the space to do that in his moses basket and I think that must have been what kept waking him up. We’re all feeling a lot more rested now!

During the day he is awake for around 1.5 – 2 hours at a time and then will go and sleep for roughly and equal amount of time. It seems to be the beginning of his natural routine and I’m so glad I can start to predict when things are going to be happening on any given day.

Piglet - 4 months old Likes

  • Laughing – if you laugh at him he will often laugh back
  • Smiling – He smiles at everything and nothing. He is seriously the happiest baby I’ve ever known.
  • VTech Musical Beads – he’s worked out how to bash at the buttons and gets quite animated
  • Pushing up on his legs – it’s time to get a jumperoo!
  • Watching TV – specifically sports. Football and tennis have really caught his attention


  • Bath time – we’re working on it but he still isn’t a fan
  • Tummy time – he’ll cooperate if we prop him up on a roll but if you lay him flat he simply screams
  • The sound of the steam iron – he jumps every time.
Piglet at 4 months old | DO you know what to expect from your baby when they are 4 months old? I've kept a note of the weight, feeding, sleep and general development of my 4 month old. How does yours compare? https://oddhogg.com

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