The last month has flown by – I don’t know how we’ve reached 5 months. Piglet has really changed in the past few weeks and his personality is starting to show through. We’ve found his natural routine finally and its made for a really happy chap to have around! He has rolled out twice this month, its not consistent but it’s a start!

Piglet 5 months oldSize

At 20 weeks he weighed 11lb 14oz, so still a lot lighter than you would expect for a baby of his age. Even when plotted for his corrected age (he was 4 weeks premature) he lingers at the bottom of the charts. He is clinging on to the 0-3m on the top and its been nice to get more time than I expected out of some of his clothes. For trousers and baby-grows he needs the length of 3-6m for trousers, but they are very baggy. He is limited to leggings or joggers as anything that doesn’t have an elasticated waist falls off of him. Next month he has his 6m check up so we will have his length and head circumference measured them which should be interesting!

Piglet 5 Months OldHealth

We have finally been given the all clear from the health visitors for his weight. Its taken 5 months of fortnightly weigh-ins, but they’ve agreed he is just going o be a skinny little guy. He is happy and clearly thriving so we’re being left to our own devices for 6 weeks to see how he does. Teething is in full swing and he has been quite irritable on some days. We have quite a few outfit changes for drool soaked clothes – the dribble bib is our friend! The teeth aren’t anywhere near the surface yet though so it can only get worse.


We are still carrying on with the breast feeding. He is starting to get distracted more often and if something goes on around him that interests him he’ll usually pull away and have a good look around. We started weaning at 18 weeks on the health visitors guidance in the hope that it would help with his weight gain. He is loving it! I am still restricting how much he eats as I want him to still be relying on breastmilk for most of his calories. He usually cries when the meal is over – just can’t get enough of the food! He is having a fruit or veg around lunch time and some baby rice before bed. In the next week or so we will start mixing the foods and see how he likes that! As he is not yet 6 months we are steering clear of eggs, gluten and dairy for now.


We are in a routine of 3 naps a day – usually around 2hrs each. He now goes to bed for the night around 6-7pm and he is noticeable grumpy if that is missed! He sometimes struggles to fall asleep, as he tugs on his dummy and it comes out of his mouth. I’m looking forward to when he can put it back in his mouth again himself! He is up 2 to 3 times a night for feeds which is quite tiring and I’m starting to struggle with them recently.


  • Sophie La Giraffe
  • Standing – sitting just doesn’t cut it any more
  • Gibberish – because apparently it’s a lot funnier than actual words.
  • Food – He is really watching us when we eat and gets very excited when he sees his bowl coming out
  • Muslins – he’s become quite a fan of hanging on to them and putting them in his mouth


  • Water – I am giving it to him from a free flow cup with his meals and he just spits it out. I figure this one could take a while!
  • The hairdryer – but oddly the hoover is still OK.
  • Avocado – this is the only time he has actively spat out food and made disgusted faces. We’ll be trying it again though!

Piglet 5 months

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