Piglet 6 Months Update

6 months old – Piglet is definitely not a new born anymore! 6 months sounds really old to me, he’s not a “new baby” now. Β He’s not hit any major milestones this month, he hasn’t rolled over at all in the last month and the idea of him being ready to sit up is laughable. He will stand and lean at the activity table though so he has strong little legs!


He had a full check over with the health visitor on Thursday. As I had suspected, his weight has jumped up to the 9th percentile – boardering on the 25th. Thats a bit change from the last time which is great, he’s back on track! He on the 25th percentile for length, at 65cm, and the 50th percentile for head circumference at 43.5cm.

Its great to see him being in proportion for weight and height. Proves I have been right to stand my ground about his weight!

Piglet 6 months update


Still not a toothy peg in sight! He is giving it a good go, constantly chomping on his fingers. But no success thus far.

I think he currently has his first cold. He is grumpy and snotty and struggling to sleep. Lots of cuddles been required – I’m sure he’ll be over it in no time! I’ve been using Snufflebabe Vapour RubΒ to try and help but he still sounds a little like a pug when he breathes.


He is still breastfeeding 4 or 5 times during the day and another 2 times in overnight. I don’t have plans to stop any time soon.

This guy loves his food! He has porridge for the breakfast, made up with formula to make sure he gets an extra boost of milk. For lunch I have started introducing more “meals” rather than assorted mixed veg. He’s been a bit unsure of some of these! I have also stopped pureeing most of his meals and simply mash them instead and he seems ok with the lumps. In the evening I like to make sure he’s had carbohydrate to keep him full overnight. He either has sweet potato or baby rice mixed with some other veggies.

In the last week I have started to offer him yoghurt after his meals. He adores it, although always shudders with the first taste. I’m assuming thats because it’s cold!

90% of his food has been homemade, but I have given him the odd sachet when we’re out and about. The texture of sachets is a lot smoother than “normal” food and he is sometimes a bit unsure at first but will happily eat them after a few spoons.

I also give him some finger food as I prepare each meal. He rarely manages to successfully eat any of it but I do think its good to try!

Piglet 6 months update


Piglet is napping twice a day now, around 1-2 hrs each time. Unfortunately he’s not great at sleeping anywhere other than his cot, so if we’re out and about in the pram he will cat nap then think he’s done.

Overnight is a bit hit and miss. He had a bit of a sleep regression which seems to have passed mostly, but some night are better than others. There is no predicting if or when he will wake for a feed, it is at least once but often twice. On a bad night it can be 3 or 4 times.

He is getting better at resettling himself. Occasionally I can hear him over the monitor having a bit of a moan and then goes quiet again. The Sleepytot Bunny has really been helping!


  • Standing – he loves a good session in his Jumparoo
  • Finger food – if he sees us eating he wants something too
  • Water – a real change from last week! He loves drinking it now and reaches for his cup
  • Rodney – he is easily distracted by him at the moment and follows him around the room
  • Kisses – they make him giggle
  • Blowing raspberries


  • Lentils – I spent ages making him a meal which he flat out refuses to eat!
  • Lying down – he shouts to be picked up or sat up
  • Rodney’s bark – it has started to startle him recently

Piglet 6 months update