Piglet is 7 months old! What milestones has he hit in the last month, how is his size, feeding and sleep? How does you baby compare? https://oddhogg.com/piglet-7-months-update/

I don’t know how we got here, but Piglet is 7 months old! He’s changed a lot in the last few weeks and is turning into a proper little man. He’s got a right temper these days and knows exactly what he wants – I guess he takes after his Mama!

He now rolls regularly from front to back. Going from back to front is really close, but he seems to stop himself from doing the final bit. He is also pretty close to sitting unaided too.

7 months old Update oddhogg.com


He hasn’t been weighed since last month but there is no doubt he is growing! His long legs have out grown his 3-6m clothes so we’re cracked out the 6-9m for baby grows and trousers. They drown him, but he still looks cute!

He’s heavier too. I notice it when I carry him for long periods of time – thats got to be good for my arm muscles though right?

Piglet 7 months update oddhogg.com


The teeth are still eluding us. Whenever I think he is starting to teeth it turns out he’s just being in a bit of a grump. No swollen gums, no sign of discomfort. The fun is yet to come!

We survived the snot fest that was his first cold. Coming into Autumn I’m sure we’ve got a lot of that ahead of us.


PigletĀ LOVES his food. Seriously. I’ve never seen a baby of 7 months eat so much. Every meal ends with him moaning for more, but then he will eat until he’s sick if he’s allowed. I’m still making 90% of his food myself (with the off meal cooked by my mum šŸ˜‰ ). He is certainly thriving on it.

He is more into his finger food now but his main meal I still feed him. Baby led weaning just wasn’t for us. He happily eats food with big lumps in it these days so I’ve no concerns.

He has a breastfeed 5 or so times a day. Thankfully only one of those is overnight now which is great. Still no plans to stop – I’m way too lazy to deal with bottles!

7 months update oddhogg.com


We’ve had a real breakthrough on sleep this month. He sleeps from 10pm to around 5 or 6am, has a feed then goes back to sleep again for another couple of hours. He does that around 5 nights a week and I feel so much better for it!

Naps are twice a day, morning and afternoon. They really vary in time and some days he’ll only go down for 30 minutes which I find a bit difficult! If he falls asleep in the car he will wake and think he’s done napping even if it was only for 5 minutes.

His routine is completely out of wack at the moment. He goes to bed at around 7pm, but is up again by half 8. He clearly thinks that is nap time! He plays again until we go to bed at 10 when he then happily goes down for the night. I’m waiting until we get back from our holiday to try and get him back on track – I want my evenings back!


  • Cups
  • Food – his, mine, the dogs. You name it he wants it.
  • Jumperoo
  • Nonsense noises
  • The Jungle Book


  • Being alone – He’s more conscious of we leave the room now
  • Not getting his own way – he growls at you!
  • Baths. Still.

Piglet 7 months update oddhogg.com

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