I nearly didn’t have this post written, 9 months has appeared out of nowhere! Piglet has now been on the outside longer than the inside, which is really bizarre to think. He’s my little buddy and I’ve literally no idea what I did all day without him around.

This is also my 100th blog post!

This month has seen Piglet change day by day. His personality is really shining through, although he seems to have gotten my stubbornness which will probably cause us some issues down the road! He is strong willed, but also easily pleased and so happy to just hang out with people. We wouldn’t change him one bit.

Piglet 9 Month's Update | My son is now 9 months old. He is growing and changing every day. This update records his sleeping, feeding (breastfeeding and weaning) developmental milestones, words, likes and dislikes. It holds memories and is a record of his growth. https://oddhogg.com

Sitting is still a skill he has to fully master. He is getting more and more steady…. but still not steady enough that he doesn’t topple over randomly. He hasn’t worked out how to balance and it shows, but as with everything else he’ll get there in his own time!

Dada is still his word of choice, and occasionally “Did”. I like to think that he is shouting for his Uncle (who we call Did) to come home and visit him. I’d hoped by 9 months that we would have heard a Mama but alas – no such luck!

The dog is rapidly becoming his best friend. I have to watch him like a hawk as they just want to be near each other. He’s been busted trying to put Rodney’s collar in his mouth, which is gross. Rodney will go over and sit next to him, but turn his back so that Piglet will use his feet to rub Rodney’s back. It’s the weirdest thing.

He’s not on the move properly yet. In the last 2 weeks he has started rolling around the floor a lot but he’s not able to move forwards or backwards unless he rolls there. I can tell he’s started to get frustrated with it, but I’m in no rush for him to crawl!

Piglet 9 Months Update | Fox Hat https://oddhogg.com


He has stretched again this month. His skinny little legs are long and he’s ready for his 9-12m trousers. His body is short so he can still wear the 6-9m dungarees he has which is great because they’re adorable and I’m just not ready for him to be finished with them yet!

He still slim, despite his best efforts with food. I think being slim and the fact he has so much makes him look older than he is at times. I don’t think he has the stereotypical round baby face! He looks quite different to what I would expect from a baby of 9 months old, but that just makes him more unique.


I’ve started dreaming about him getting teeth. It’s a running joke now, but I’m somewhere between wanting him to pop one through and wanting to keep him gummy for a bit longer.

This month brought a horrible cold. He couldn’t sleep, he didn’t want to eat. We cuddled a lot for about 5 days and then he felt better. Poor chap was not loving life at that point!

Piglet 9 Months Update | Pudsy Onesie https://oddhogg.com


Given the chance Piglet would eat all day long. He is doing quite well with feeding himself certain foods, but he can be funny with the texture of certain things and will drop them and refuse to pick up more. Fusspot!

I’ve had some concerns that he isn’t having enough milk, as he definitely prefers solid meals. I’ve been questioning when the best time to stop breastfeeding might be. Piglet doesn’t seem to be keen to stop completely, but he feeds only 3 – 4 times a day. His 1st feed of the day and his last feed before bed I’m sure will continue. He often has a feed mid morning or mid afternoon…. but he’s missed one or the other of them quite a few times now.

He has been breastfed for 9 months now, and I’m really proud of that. We will keep going for as long as he is happy to do do.

Piglet 9 Months Update | Waistcoat and Bear https://oddhogg.com


Sleep is a dream now. He goes down around 7pm and sleeps till 6:30-7am (watch – I’ll now have jinxed it and he’ll be up all night from now on). I sometimes have to pop up and find his dummy for him but generally he’s out cold. I don’t mind the early-ish starts because I have had a decent sleep – life is good!

If we are at home he likes to nap twice a day. Anything up to 2 hours is normal. He is not so keen on sleeping anywhere other than his cot, which can be a bit difficult at times. He will cat nap in his buggy but not often for more than 15 minutes at a time. As long as I can get him one good nap at home though he seems to cope ok with not having a 2nd one that day.

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  • Banging things together. Noise is good!
  • Cups –Β to bang together, drink from, stack…..
  • Getting a fright. If you can make him jump he will give you a great belly laugh!
  • Flashing lights


He doesn’t have many significant dislikes at the moment. He hates being left a lone in a room, which is unsurprising at 9 months!

Piglet 9 Months Update | Bobble Hat https://oddhogg.com