If  there is one thing that has really irritated me in the last 6 months, it has been the constant comments about Piglet’s hair. We let his hair grow quite long and I loved the curls at the back. I think it suited him, and his hair was lovely and soft.

However, most people had some comment to make about it. Our families in particular pestered us to have it cut. It was brought up ever time we saw them….. if not more than once at each visit. Eventually we decided we were going to have to give in. Not only to stop them moaning, but mostly because his hair was in his eyes!

Piglet's First Hair Cut | The time has finally come for the next milestone, taking him for his first haircut. We did well to last until he was toddler but the day finally came! https://oddhogg.com

There was one thing that JHogg has been adamant about, and that is that he will be the one to take Piglet for his hair cuts. Of course I get to go to too! But it was something he wanted to do with him. He has grand ideas of the Father-Son days they’re going to have where they get their hair cut and beards trimmed. Thankfully those days are a long way off!

We book Piglet in to get his hair done at the same time as Daddy bright and early last Saturday. I absolutely crammed my bag with snacks as it was the only thing I could think of that would keep him still for the time it would take to get it cut.

It was super cute when we arrived at the hair dresser. Piglet clambered up on to JHoggs knee and they flicked through a magazine (for all of 3 seconds).

Piglet's First Hair Cut | Waiting and reading a magazine https://oddhogg.com

They hopped up on to the chair and got the towel wrapped around him. He looked so little! The hairdresser had an iPad so he watched a bit of Peppa Pig which she started to give him a trim.

I loved his little curls and was a little sad as she cut them off. Luckily he sat fairly still for her, and was fairly happy sitting eating his snacks.

Piglet's First Hair Cut | Toddler Haircut https://oddhogg.com

Following the cut he was like a different child. Not only did he immediately look older, but his face had totally changed. I’ll be honest – I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. It’s not that it’s a bad cut, it’s just not my baby any more.

Piglet's First Hair Cut | Before and After Toddler Haircut https://oddhogg.com

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