Prior to having Piglet I had learnt to accept the shape I was. It wasn’t “perfect” by any means, but I knew how to work with that I had. My post baby body, initially, looks pretty similar to how I was before. I am an ok weight, I’m generally in proportion. From the outside I look like I’ve got it all together.

I’ve never been big on exercise, but I got married last year and put in a bit of extra effort to tone up before the wedding. I was pregnant 3 months later, so I didn’t really have any time to see if I was going to be able to sustain it.

Pregnancy changes your body – there is no doubt about that. I am carrying more weight on my hips than I used to, my stomach is relatively flat-ish (or at least as flat as its ever going to be) but it is soft and jiggly. And I have breastfeeding boobs – the less said about them the better!

As I have mentioned previously, I have been going to kettlebells since Piglet was 8 weeks old. It is the first time in my life I have stuck at an exercise class for so long. But it is only one day a week – I’ll never get toned at that rate!

We’re off on holiday in September and I want to feel confident around the pool and on the beach. I’m not interested in shedding pounds (although I am guilty of standing on the sad step from time to time), but I want to halt the jiggle and shift the weight to more appropriate places!

From 1st August I’ve decided to take on 30 Day Shred. I have the DVD (while I stole from my sister a few years ago 😀 ) and it is just 20 minutes exercise a day. I tend to wait until Piglets morning nap to get myself showered and dressed so I’m hoping I can slot in a quick work out first. It just so happens that I already have small weights at home, but you can also do the exercises as simply body weight. Or improvise with items you have around the house – couple tins of beans do the job nicely!

I will continue with me kettlebells class, but there is also a new Mummy FITT class starting in the same hall twice a week. I figure I might as well give it a go – I always workout better with someone standing over me! Piglet can come along with me, so if all goes to plan it could be a great new class for me and I can meet some other mummy. My fear is that he’s at an awkward in between age and I’m not sure how good he’ll be at just hanging out for an hour if he’s not asleep. We’ll give it a try and see how we get on.

The combination of all these things will surely make some difference to my shape (but maybe I’ll have to lay off the cake a bit). I’m willing to give anything a go if it means I don’t have to try and take up running again!

If you fancy toning up then join me in doing shred! Let me know that you’re starting it and I’ll be here to cheer you on too!

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