Can we take a minute to talk about postpartum hair loss? You would think that since Piglet is nearly 17 months old that I would have stoped harping on about this sort of thing by now. But seriously – it’s still troubling me now.

Before I had Piglet I was aware that hair loss was a “bit of a thing”. I didn’t really know much about it to be honest, and I definitely wasn’t aware how drastic it could be in some cases. As someone who is blessed with a thick head of hair I didn’t think much about it. Naive much?!

Postpartum Hair Loss | I was not prepared for the hair loss after Piglet was born. I wish someone had told me what to expect

I can’t say I noticed my hair being particularly thick during pregnancy. It would have been fairly hard to pinpoint any additional thickness really. My slightly messed up logic was that I hadn’t had thicker hair, so I wouldn’t be experiencing hair loss.

I first noticed it when Piglet was about 12 weeks old. I went to tie my hair back into a pony tail and spotted 2 bald patches. They were on either side of my head in a similar location to where men often show the start of a receding hair line.

It wasn’t a general thinning of my hair all over, it was actual bald patches. Once I had seen them I couldn’t stop focusing on it. I am actually pretty happy with my postpartum body, but my hair was an issue. I stopped tying my hair back and that hid it pretty well.

It took me about 2 months before I mentioned the hair loss to anyone. I was speaking to my mum and mentioned it. She didn’t believe me until I pulled my hair back to show her.

Eventually re-growth started when Piglet was around 6 months old. Usually I find my hair grows really fast, but I am still left with what I can only describe as troll hair on either side of my head. I mean of the trolls the movie variety – not the scary ugly kind.

Post Partum Hair Loss | Troll

(Thanks to Nadia from Scandi Mummy for this image of a troll. It’s a proper fancy one from Denmark, it’s ceramic too! But don’t you think it looks a little like it has boobs?)

It is coming in slowly, so I’m not longer considering the need for Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment  but it is driving me nuts. These days the new hair sticks out at all angles. I dream of the day I can tie my hair back and not need 50 curbies. Although knowing my luck it will all be coming in nicely just in time for us to decide to try for another baby and start this whole process again!

Post Partum Hair Loss | Hair Regrowth

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