On Monday we will be jetting off to Disney World. To say we are excited would be an understatement! This holiday has been planned for a really long time and we are desperate to get there and start showing Piglet our favourite place in the world. I do have one worry though, and as we get closer to flying it has really been niggling at the back of my mind.

How on earth are we going to entertain Piglet on the flight?!

It has been fairly well documented on my Instagram that Piglet is testing boundaries a lot at the moment, and I was really starting to question our sanity for taking him on the flight. Just as I was about to start sneakily calling the airline and having my seat changed to the other side of the plane, away from JHogg and Piglet, Sky got in touch with a possible solution. We have been tasked with trying out the Sky Kids app – and not a moment too soon!

We have been Sky customers for many years now, and so it is no surprise that the kids are growing up knowing the characters from channels available on Sky. The Sky Kids app has over 5000 episodes from well known shows like Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Horrid Henry and Bunk’d, covering 17 channels.

To see if it was worth using for our holiday, I downloaded the app on to our tablet to take with us last weekend on a little trip to Edinburgh. I set up a profile for Piglet, and was pleased to see the option of only showing shows aimed at children under the age of 5. I selected that for him, as that way I know I can confidently leave him watching the tablet and know that even if he presses buttons he will still be amongst shows that he likes.

Preparing To Travel With Sky Kids | Sky Kids App www.oddhogg.com

We were travelling with one of my nephews too, so I also created a profile for him. The app allows you to have up to 10 different profiles set up at any one time. Although for the vast majority of us we won’t ever need even close to that amount – it is nice to have that option for occasions when additional children may be around for longer periods of time.

Each child’s profile allows them to choose their own “buddy” and customise them with dress up options. This in itself kept Piglet occupied for a while as he scrolled through them, trying to pick the perfect one for his mood. It is really easy for them to change their buddy and accessories from within the app too.

Preparing To Travel With Sky Kids | Choosing a buddy www.oddhogg.com

The app allows you to set up a “bedtime” timer. The means that the app will not be active during the times that you select. At 2 years old we don’t leave Piglet with the tablet, but for older children it would be nice to have that peace of mind that they’re not sneaking it out after they’ve gone to bed to watch some shows. It may be a kids app, but the control still lies firmly with the parents.

As Sky Q customers, I have the ability to download shows within the app while I have wifi and watch them later (this is also available to Sky Go Extra and Sky Multiscreen customers). I saved a few Paw Patrol episodes for Piglet and some Lego episodes for his cousin, as I knew the caravan we were going to be staying in doesn’t have wifi.

Once we had arrived and the excitement of being on a trip had worn off a bit, we sat the boys down to watch something while we got everything sorted. At 3 and a half, my nephew was soon navigating his way around the app himself and choosing what he wanted to watch. They sat quietly together, holding hands and looking the picture of innocence for all of 5 minutes. Piglet still needs a bit of practice with sharing, but luckily Sky allows you to connect 4 devices to your account at any one time so I had the forethought to get it on my phone too.

Preparing To Travel With Sky Kids | Watching the app with cousins www.oddhogg.com

The app also comes with games, which are meant to be available for users on tablet but will be coming to mobile users soon. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to be available on our tablet, possibly because it is a mini rather than full size. With Piglet being only 2 I don’t miss the games at this point, but in another 6 months I imagine he would be more in to that sort of thing. I am hoping we will be able to access them soon.

Since we’ve been home they have continued to ask to use the Sky Kids app – which is funny really as they could just watch those programmes on the TV! My sister is also a Sky customer and has asked me to show her how to use the app so she can have it ready for Orlando too, but I’ve told her she may be better asking my nephew as I think he may be the pro at it now!

Preparing To Travel With Sky Kids | Choosing what to watch www.oddhogg.com

Although the Sky Kids app is free, you do of course need to be a Sky customer. It is a great addition to your Sky package and I am amazed by the number of shows available. I know it is an app we will not only be using on this holiday, but no doubt on every trip going forward.

This post was sponsored by Sky, however all words and opinions are my own.