There is something really special about a bunch of flowers. They can take a dark drab room and change it to bright and inviting. I often buy my own supermarket flowers and they always put me in a good mood though. Of course, they don’t even compare to florists flowers.

When we first started dating JHogg would buy me flowers semi regularly. Not quite at a once a week level, but every 3 or 4 months he would find an excuse to bring me lovely big bouquet. He always got from the same florist up the street from the flat where we used to live. In the last few years that has dwindled to….errr….. none. No surprises there though! I always say I don’t need flowers to know I’m appreciated – but sometimes it would be nice!

So naturally, when Prestige Flowers got in touch and asked if I would like to review some of their Valentine Flowers I of course said yes.

Prestige Flowers Review | Are you looking for the perfect online florist to order some flowers? For Valentines Day? A Celebration? Get well soon flowers? Condolences? Prestige have a full range to suit all your needs, and sent us a bouquet of their roses to see what we thought

The Packaging

The bouquet was delivered via courier in a large box. I had no idea what I was to be receiving so I was looking forward to opening it up to see what was inside.

Prestige Flowers Review | Packaging

In the box was the bouquet itself, some care instructions and a little box of truffles – a lovely addition!

Prestige Flowers Review | Chocolates and Care Instructions

The flowers themselves were in black tissues and plastic. They sat in a  gift bag and looked beautiful.

The stems of the flowers were wrapped in soaked paper which kept the flowers lovely and fresh while they were in transit.

Prestige Flowers Review | Flowers in Bag

The Bouquet

The bouquet I received was filled with 12 gorgeous red roses.

Prestige Flowers Review | Rose

The thorns had been removed from the base of the stems, making them easier to handle. The additional foliage really complements the roses, making the bouquet seem very luxurious.

Prestige Flower Review | Foliage Prestige Flowers Review | Top View of Bouquet

One thing I really appreciate in a bunch of flowers is how long they last. I want to get the most out of them, and so I always take care to follow the guidelines for flowers as much as possible. As with most florists. Prestige Flowers recommended trimming the bottom of the stems before placing them in water.

Prestige Flowers Review | Trim Stems

In the vase, they were topped up with fresh water daily, and every couple of days I trimmed the stems again. They really thrived, and 6 days on the look almost as good as the day they arrived.

Prestige Flowers Review | 6 Days Old

Some of the roses opened up further, giving them a lovely shape.

Prestige Flowers Review | Rose 6 Days On

The Verdict

We have really enjoyed the flowers, and they still look beautiful now. I’m sure they have many days of life left in them, making them great value. Everyone who has visited has commented on them and they had sat in pride of place. Delivery was quick and the flowers were suitably packaged to make sure they arrived in excellent condition.

I would definitely recommend Prestige Flowers to anyone who is looking at using an online florist. In fact, I would use them again myself!

I was sent this gorgeous bouquet in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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