Putting On The Pressure

Do you ever feel that you build something up so much, that when it happens it is a bit of a let down? Some days, such as Mothers Day, are meant to be “perfect”. My day was fantastic. We had great family time and the gorgeous sunshine really helped – but it was exhausting

What I’m not sure of is whether it was because the clocks went forward, we had a busy day full of activities, or simply because the pressure was on to enjoy it. To not just appreciate the day itself, but also to share what we were doing for the world to see.

Putting On The Pressure | Do you find big events have a lot pf pressure on them to ensure you have a good day? I find it exhausting! https://oddhogg.com

In a way, it takes me back to my student days. The best nights out were always the impromptu ones. I remember one particular night where we had planned to go to the cinema, but there was an hour to kill before the film so we popped into the pub next door. We never made the film. We ended up dancing the night away, not caring that we were in comfy, casual clothes. We were just enjoying the moment.

The nights that we planned for, the birthdays or the end of exams or Christmas parties, they never seemed as good. We built them up so much in advance, picking out the perfect outfit, doing our hair and make-up, that by the time we got going with the “fun” we were actually pretty tired and often ended up home early. The reality couldn’t keep up with the expectation.

My Mother’s Day started out like most others – with me fetching Piglet from his cot and bringing him through for a cuddle in bed. His Dad took him down for breakfast while I had an extra 15 minutes in bed before hopping in the shower.

We had lunch plans, but with the sun shining it seemed silly to not make the most of it so we headed to the park. We are really lucky that our house looks over a lovely park with a little swing set and slide in it, so we got out Piglet’s new trike and went around.

For the first time, Piglet seemed to actually enjoy the park. He was smiling and giggling away on the swings. I don’t know if it was because his dad was there or if he’s just realised they are fun – but either way he was happy!

Putting On The Pressure | In the park https://oddhogg.com

We went to the hotel we got married in for lunch, as it was our anniversary 2 days after mothers day. The meal was delicious and Piglet was fairly well behaved. He did crawl around the floor quite a lot, but we had a little corner to ourselves so he wasn’t pestering anyone.

Afterwards we headed further out of town for an ice cream and a walk. Piglet was mean tot have fallen asleep in the car, but he had other ideas and stayed awake so he could steal our ice cream! Once we were home we gave Piglet his tea and then headed over to our local beer garden for one last drink.

By the time Piglet was in bed at 7pm I was exhausted. We had crammed so much in to one day. I don’t regret it, but it certainly makes it harder to enjoy when you’re drained afterwards! It’s silly, because the pressure is purely coming from ourselves. No one forced us to do all of those things, no one else dictated the agenda for the day. It was just us over planning and trying to go all out on what is really just a normal Sunday.

Perhaps next time we’ll just go with the flow more. Take the pressure off ourselves and enjoy the moment!

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