When I was looking for a changing bag I knew I had to find something to help me keep organised. I’m horrifically untidy and the last thing I wanted was to be constantly rummaging around for things at the bottom.

On top of all the usual baby bits and pieces I also have to carry around various items due to my diabetes. Altogether it can take up a fair amount of space – so I knew this bag had to be big!

As soon as I saw the PacaPod Mirano┬áI loved it. It is a good size with a 32L capacity in the main pocket and another 12L in the pods – but it’s not like suitcase like it sounds! It looks quite similar to some handbags I’ve had in the past and I chose to get it in Tan.

The Outside

The front of the bag has a small pocket which, if I’m honest, I’ve never actually used! The material is a coated canvass which is great as you can wipe it clean. There are leather trims down the front which make the bag seem a touch more stylish. It has both handles and a shoulder strap, so you can grab it whatever way you like. It also has pram clips so it can attach easily to any buggy.

Hanging Bag PacaPod MiranoThe back of the changing bag has a large zips which houses the two pods. I love this set up as I know exactly where to go when I need to either feed or change Piglet. It is also a lot easier to explain where something is to other people.

Changing Bag back Paca Pod mirano

Changing Bag PacaPod mirano pods

Next to the pods there is a soft foldable changing mat. I really like that the feeding and changing pods are separate from each other. It is a really hygienic way of storing things.

Feeding Pod

The feeding pod is the black pod. It is insulated which is great for keeping milk warm or other food cool. The inner material is wipe clean – perfect when there is the possibility of food leakage! It is big enough to hold a couple of bottles, some bibs and a muslin or two. As Piglet is breastfed we haven’t had to use it for bottles particularly often. Now we are in to weaning I’ve found it plenty big enough to carry his food, a cup of water, bibs, spoon etc.Changing Bag Pacapod Feeding Pod

Changing Pod

The changing pod is separated out into various sections. It comes with a small wipeable back to pop any wet clothes etc in to. There is a section for nappies, sanitiser and clean clothes.

Changing bag pacapod mirano changing pod

The back of the pod has a pocked which I keep nappy bags in. There is a handle which means you can just grab the changing pod and go rather than taking the whole changing bag to the bathroom with you when you’re out and about. I’ve done this in numerous occasions!Changing Bag Change Pod Back


The main part of the bag has another small zip in it which contains a key fob attachment. I can get a ridiculous amount in this pocket! I carry all sorts around and the only catch is it can make the bag rather heavy! Its not some I have tried it myself, but apparently it should be possible to fit a standard laptop into the changing bag. I can’t see an occasion when I will ever need to do that – but hey it’s nice to have options!

Changing Bag Pacapod Mirano

Overall, I LOVE my PacaPod Mirano. It has meant that I am generally pretty organised (only as far as the changing bag – it hasn’t got the ability to sort out the rest of my life!). I has taken a fair battering over the last 5 months and is holding up really well, barely any signs on wear on it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new changing bag.

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