Now we’re in to December the Christmas films are in full swing. I love watching them and it’s been fun introducing Piglet to some of them this year. He’s not really one for sitting down to watch a full movie, so for him a festive episode of his favourite shows is perfect for holding his attention and getting us in the Christmas spirit.

Ricky Zoom joined Nick Jr. in October this year, and Piglet saw his first episode not long after. He was immediately drawn to Ricky, as well as his friends Loop, Scootio and DJ. Every episode is full of adventure for the little red rescue bike and it soon became a firm favourite in our house. With Ricky’s pace and courage, Scootio’s brainpower and cool hi-tech gadgets, DJ’s super-toolbox and big-hearted endeavour and Loop’s enthusiasm and Loopy Booster-power they can tackle anything life throws at them.

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This Monday, on the 9th of December at 7am on Nick Jr., Ricky Zoom has a very special festive episode. As a special treat we were sent a preview copy of the episode so that Piglet and his cousins could have a sneak peak. The story of SantaCycle crash landing in Wheelford on Christmas Eve had them all enthralled.

They watched in silence as SantaCycle told the gang they need to capture the magic of Christmas in order to get him back up in to the sky. With a selfless act from Ricky they soon save the day and Santa Cycle can get back to delivering presents to all of the little cycles. As soon as the episode finished the boys were asking to watch it again. If you miss the first showing at 7am then don’t worry – the episode will be repeated regularly.

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Ricky Zoom and Nick Jr. are supporting Banardo’s this year with their Kidsmas fundraiser. The aim is to raise funds for vulnerable children so they can have a happier future. The fundraiser is snowman themed, with each donation you receive acting as a snowball to build your snowman and accessorise him, as well as helping a young person who is facing anxiety, exploitation or abuse. Start your own Kidsmas fundraiser here.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of the very first Ricky Zoom SantaCycle episode on Monday at 7am on Nick Jr.

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